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by - Monday, March 07, 2016

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Hello~ Good things must share time.

Situated in a hidden corner off the outskirts of Bukit Batok, is a cosy nail parlour called Nailz Allure.
To be very honest with you, I wouldn't have found out about this place if my cousin didn't mention about Nailz Allure to me on one very random day. Hidden away from the busy crowd, is this tiny little town along Chu Lin Road in Hillview. If you are an Eastie, you'd probably not know where exactly is Hillview hahaha. But hey, Hillview recently had a MRT station to itself. It's not as ulu as you think anymore, ok.

11 Chu Lin Road, Singapore 669902

+65 6462 3036

I never thought I will ever step into a nail parlour ever again after my previous experience with gelish.. It was soooooooo hard and painful to remove because I had to soak my fingers in some seriously acidic solution. Can't remember how long ago was that..... BUT IT WAS A TERRIBLE EXPERIENCE, and I really lost a hell lot of faith in gelish, lol.

Well, well, times have changed.

Another thing is that, due to all the heavy duties I have to do in school, I break my nails very often. And my nails are really really brittle now. Lacking all the sleep and nutrients, it became really soft and breaks extremely easily. So there really isn't any point in spending so much to do my nails in a nail parlour. Like such a waste in money, no?

Thankfully the nice owner of Nailz Allure, Kim, changed my perspective of nailart all over again.

Kim was extremely patient when I slowly looked for a desired design that I want. While I spend almost half an hour trying to find something I like, she quickly finished up buffing, cleaning, and removing all the dead skin off my nails. I didn't even know it happened because I was so focused on trying to find something nice to put hahahahha.

Clean clean!

I'm quite a suibian person, so it was really tough for me to find something I really like. I ended up choosing something super minimalistic, and Kim did a tweak to it so that it suits my short nails!

Who says short nails cannot look good?!

It's quite a pity. Just 3 days before I visit Nailz Allure, I broke 3 of my nails while trying to save my laptop. It's amazing how I tried to save my laptop, broke 3 nails, and still didn't manage to save it, lol. Quite stupid.
Anyway, if I had longer nails, I could have done so many nicer designs....... 8(
But well, the ones I have right now looks equally good too!!

Blinging it up!

Final product!

I. Love. It.

People always think short nails are limited to solid colors and really simple designs. Because we don't have the allowance of freedom to go crazy, and experiment different types of nailart. That is wrong! Short can be pretty too! Just like I'm short, fat, but still pretty. HAHAHAHHAHAHAHA /shameless

Hello to cutie Brownie!!

So all you westies, if you are interested to have your nails done at a less busy place, without sharing a space with a bunch of noisy ajummas, and still have a furry mascot for you hyper ventilate over, Nailz Allure is the perfect place for you.

You can even chill out with your friends at the pub just next door after you are done! And Hillv2 is just 4 bus stops away..... How convenient!

Chun Lin area is also a perfect place for OOTDs! Hahahahha, just saying -

Bye bye Brownie!

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