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by - Wednesday, March 02, 2016

[ S P O N S O R E D - R E V I E W ]

Terror hit me hard after my first consultation with Expressions Wellness 2 weeks ago.

To be very honest with you, weight has always been a problem for me ever since I started contraceptive pills to regulate my menses because there was this one time I got so stressed, I bled for 3 months straight. My menses won't stop. The contraception did help me stop the irregular blood flow, but it also helped me gain a massive amount of weight and screwed up my hormones. (Yes, hormones plays a really huge part in helping you gain weight!)

I went from 42kg, to 54.6kg(I kid you not). I didn't even know I was that heavy! Many people tell me "It's okay, I look fine. I don't need to slim down." but BAM! the machine that measures my body fat/muscle percentage decided to tell me, "No Viv. You need discipline.” You have no idea how I felt when I first saw my level of fat percentage on the machine. A whooping 35%! (Healthy range is 20~25% you know!!)

I was clearly shock and have no idea how to accept that. 35% fat percentage is really really, unhealthy. And has a super high risk of getting all sorts of illness if I don’t start watching what I eat.

So I was introduced to Expressions Wellness' exclusive 3-days power detox program. (I call it the power detox because my results were so significant it was almost unbelievable. Was told by my super nice consultant that I have one of the few highest results??)

The 3-days detox program consist of Expression’s SlimJuice, Wheat Bran and a well disciplined diet! Depending on which category you fall under, the consultant will give you the supplement that best suits your concern.

My consultant further told me that I needed to start eating clean, and say no to sugar and carbs. I swear to god, cutting carbs was one of the worst thing ever. In order to really cleanse my body off the excess fats, I’ve got to avoid taking in any carbo and sugar for 3 days. And I am a total carbs person?! I love rice, I love noodles, and I love mah bread!! Not too much on the sugar though, I am not exactly a fan of sweet stuff. BUT BUT, you have no idea how torturing it was to avoid all of those delicious carbs…… It was so bad I started crying in front of Kimmy at the end of the first day. Can you believe it, on the very first day!!

Okay… okay. Let’s get to the point.

I was then given a box of Expressions SlimJuice, and a bottle of Wheat Bran by my consultant.

The Expressions SlimJuice(Once known as the KiloKiller) helps to burn stubborn fat cells stored away in the body. It also helps to create smooth movement for the breakdown of food, so as to prepare your body to burn them off easier with your metabolism. Reason why some girls have so much difficulty slimming down was because they have stubborn fats in your body. So you have to work really really hard, and exercise to burn them off.

Here’s where the SlimJuice comes in. As the program’s name mentioned, Expressions’ 3 days detox program heavily relies on the SlimJuice to help off harmful toxins that’s hindering the absorption of nutrients, and it curbs your appetite, reducing the tendency of snacking.

Accompanied with a bottle of Wheat Bran and Psyllium, the superior fiber helps speeds up the body’s food processing time, providing important vitamins, minerals and other nutrients to the body while you are on fasting mode.

Like most people, I was initially extremely skeptical about this. Having tried so many detox tea before, and didn’t work, of course I wasn’t hoping this to work on me either. To my surprise, when I went back for my review, I dropped a total of 2.2kg in just 3 days, with my body age going from 33 to 29!! Super amazing!!

There is a down side in consuming this product though. I lost not only my fat mass, I also lost an equivalent amount of muscle mass. It is of course not recommended to simply go on a long period of time with just the SlimJuice, and not doing anything else. Which is why Expressions is only recommending 3-days with their super detox program! After my review session, my consultant told me it is okay for me to continue the regime if I want to see more results. Of course I’mma continue, so as to get back to 45kg, hahahahaha! But right now, incorporating exercise and healthy diet.

I will rise a skinny Vivian in a month's time guys! Stay tuned, ;)

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