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by - Sunday, May 17, 2015

Finally, finally...... I've finally come to an end of my journey with being a dumb blonde. I know I've said this many times!! But I've always covered up my blonde head with bright and crazy colours like purple, pink, orange?! Hahahahhaha xD

Now.... I've finally, dyed it back to dark color. Like extremely dark, not sure if it will ever fade off to blonde again or not, LOL. Most probably won't I guess. Oh well, my hair is too damaged to tank any more crazy hair dye to be honest. It is soooooooo bad, my hair breaks apart whenever I comb it when it is wet. It doesn't even feel like real hair anymore, :(

So what Miko did for me the other day was using green dye to fight off the red hue in my hair, so that it wouldn't fade off back to that dirty pink anymore. The green dye actually caused my hair to turn blue after the initial dye job!

I got the 5-26!

Like ultra dark right, hahaha. Oh god. I also not sure if this is a good choice man.... BUT! For the sake of healthy hair, T_T No turning back, Viv.

Snacks while waiting for the dye to set!

Here's a shot of my pink head, hahaha.

Damn sad omg. Have to say goodbye to this awesome head. T^T

Now wait for it......

Are you prepared to see the change? Super drastic man, I tell you.
If you are following my instagram you should have seen the hair already XD

Here we go...!




Not sure if you could see the blue, but ya...... I wouldn't say I super love it, neither would I say I super hate it. Hahaha. Many people tell me this color suits me better. I look more proper and less lian. Plus the ultra dark hair makes me look more kimchi. Just in case you haven't been updated...... My boyfriend is Korean, hehehe.

So new hair, yay or nay? XD

Call up Miko @ 6339 9432 if you want to get your hair dyed! She's a hair color specialist! :D

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