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by - Thursday, May 14, 2015

Many of you have asked me where I source for my jobs, how do I get so many part time jobs for students and stuff. So I decided to finally answer your question in this blog post here so that people could just refer to it instead of waiting for me to reply. (Plus I don't really reply PMs on Facebook often.)

In the past, I used to work for this events company which would handle quite a couple of major events, so they will constantly require part time staff for their events, and I will be able to get jobs from there. But ever since I got exploited really badly by the company, I decided to leave and stop working for them.

Thereafter, I was jobless for quite a while because I was unable to get part time jobs for students that could fit into my hectic schedule. Most companies would refuse to hire people like us just because we are students - it can get really annoying! Furthermore, I wish to start doing stuff that is related to what I am studying now. Like maybe a short internship or whatnot, instead of odd jobs all over the place. So I actually use this portal called "".

"" is actually a portal that allows you to source for part time jobs in Singapore. And also available are Singapore internship opportunities for students who are having their holidays or interested in part time Singapore internship opportunities during the school term, which is extremely convenient.

Plus the website is really easy to use. Simply SIGN UP for your "Jobseeker" account with your email and password (or with your Facebook account) which takes less than two minutes!

Once you log into your "Jobseeker" account, you can fill in your "Internship Singapore Preferences" and "Part Time Job Preferences". This allows the system to match and recommend you to suitable Internship and Part Time job opportunities, and also allows companies and recruitment agencies to find your profile (and contact you through the portal's Private Messaging system) when they search through the jobseeker profiles in the database.

Then if you are just looking for normal Singapore part time jobs, just click under the "Part Time" jobs listing and you will see a list of part time jobs available for you.

Like wahlau, holidays but can't get job. Some more holidays for 3 months(Mid Apr~End July)..... Cannot be rot at home and do nothing right, hahaha. Truth be told, I was also having trouble getting a proper internship for myself until I found lah. Saved me so much time from trying to source on my own and slowly email the companies one-by-one, and it is not a 100% chance that you'll get it.

I've cut myself from the events company that I was working with already, so I honestly can't give you guys anymore jobs offers. Plus, I don't really have much time to commit to a company right now, so is my last straw. Guess you guys could try this exciting portal too?

Hope this post helps!

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