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by - Sunday, May 10, 2015

Happy Mother's Day!!

Finally a day where show our mommy how much we love her and how much we appreciate their effort in bringing us up to who we are today. Not saying you can't show her the love every day you know. Which is also why, I think every day should be a day to celebrate regardless whether there is an occasion or not!

With that, Domino's Pizza is back with awesome deals again! You must be thinking how much more awesome can Domino's get, with their already free of charge delivery.

Well, that's not all! They can be extremely generous with their pizza deals as well!

Introducing the "2 Pizzas" deal, you can now get 2 Regular pizzas @ only $22!!
And 2 Large pizzas @ $33, 2 Xtra Large pizzas @ $44! If this isn't a catch, I don't know what is, XD
Not only that, with an additional of $2, you get to add on a 1.5 litre bottled Coca Cola to your meal! How awesome is that?!! And the best part is always their free and speedy delivery.

If they are late for even a minute, you will receive a complimentary pizza coupon as an apology! This is one of their best trait in the fast food delivery industry to be extremely honest.

Food aside, reason why I first ordered Domino's was because I was extremely hungry and had insane craves for pizza. Then I recalled someone mentioning to me that Domino's delivers within 30 minutes, so I gave it a try. Not only that, they even have a GPS tracker to track your order LIVE!

Speaking of which, I actually really really like their Basilico pizzas hehehehe. The Basil sauce is too damn good lah!! Wahlau 2 for $22 now leh! Must faster make use of the offer then can, Furthermore, they have 28 different pizza flavors for you to chose from! Grab this chance to try them all man.

Anyway this offer is available for both delivery and dine-in. There isn't any special codes or anything, just order accordingly on the Domino's website!

Moving on, just recently Domino's had also introduce their Express Lunch deal! Customers can now indulge in a personal pan pizza with a can of soft drink at only $5.50(U.P. $13.60)! It is a super good deal to be honest. Because my school is located around Bugis area, and the food there is extremely expensive! A plate of chicken rice cost about $4.50 and up? But thank god there is a Domino's Pizza around the area, so with an additional $1, I get to eat my pizza, hahaha why not? XD

Attended their Share Love event the other day....

Speaking of which....... Domino's has an ongoing Mother's Day online contest!!

All you have to do is to post a picture and share with us how you show your appreciation to your loved ones and how do you share your love with them, and then tag @Dominossg, and hashtag #Dominossg, #DominosShareLove.
Don't forget to set your profile to public!

5 winners will stand a chance to win:

- High Tea Party with Mom and family(For 5 pax)
- Kitchen tour with Mommy
- Customize a pizza specially for Mommy with her favourite ingredients available!
- A bouquet of flowers for the Queen.

Here's my entry!

Our one and only empress dowager. The one who single handedly brought the bunch of us cousins up when we were much younger. Back in those days, our parents would throw us Popo's place every Sunday so that they could head out to do their own stuff. Then we will hang out with my other cuzzies and invent all sorts of weird games with whatever we could find around the house. As I grow older, my family moved out of Popo's place and my grandparents moved house too. We became next block neighbors and now she is still handles my family's dinner and cooking me porridge filled with unexplainable amount of love every time I fall sick. She's my inspiration to become a better and stronger woman, being able to take care of so many of us despite her old age. There is this saying in our ethnicity, "Hakka women are strong women!" I want to be a great grandma like her someday. Happy Mother's Day, our Queen.

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What about your's? Quick post away!
For more information on Domino's Pizza's promotions and latest updates, please visit their Facebook Page and Instagram: @DominosSG!
Hope you have a great weekend!

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