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by - Monday, May 04, 2015

After much feedback on Facebook about my hair being fried and frizzy, I decided to go back to Miko and have my blonde/pink/brown/orange/purple/idkwhatothercolor mane fixed. Like okay, I get it. My hair is ultra damaged and frizzy, okay, okay, okay. But you know, truth is, bleached hair = damaged hair. Blonde looks dry and brassy. And no, I don't have much split ends, just really frizzy hair because I am too lazy to style or dry my hair these days.

BUT ANYWAY. Since it looks bad on pictures, it means I need to have it fixed. So I booked yet another appointment with Naoki Yoshihara by Ash to have some intense damaged treatment with the Shiseido Aqua Intensive Treatment.

I'll have to admit first, my hair is beyond salvation already. I had 2 bleaching sessions, then consecutive dye jobs once a month ever since. The bleached area is basically a bunch of tangled puff wools. T_T .....

I've loved this treatment ever since the very first time I tried it in Liang Court's outlet like almost a year ago. And I've been an avid supporter of Shiseido's professional series every since! You can read my other reviews here, here, here and here! Speaking of which, check out my puffy wools HAHAHAHAHA.

When I say the treatment works wonders, I am serious. Even I am amazed at how drastic the difference is every time I go for the treatment! Which is always why I always visit the salon once every 2 weeks in the past to have my hair done, mehehehehehehe.

Right now, no time already ah, haha. Too busy to take care of my head. T_T


Pardon my gek sai face, hahahaha.

See! Walking out of the salon, fabulous as always. This is why I love dropping by Naoki Yoshihara by Ash every time hahaha. They have awesome hair treatments that makes me feel fabzzz every single time!

And thank you Miko so muchhhhhhh! ^3^
Book an appointment with Miko @ 6339 9432 now!

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