ViewQwest Couch Potato Week 6: Illegal Movie Torrent and Game of Thrones Leak?!

by - Sunday, April 12, 2015

Okay, so this has been going on, and on, and on, and onnnnn for a while now. Everyone’s talking about it. To be really honest with you, I have zero clue what is “Dallas Buyers Club”. Call me a tard, I know, I know! I am a film student and I should know! Butbutbut, I have been soooooo darn busy I barely have time to sleep?!

Anyway, this article is flying all over the place on Facebook, the thing about Illegal Movie Torrenting from god knows where…. and yep! People are finally getting into trouble for it. And by people, I DO MEAN SINGAPOREANS AS WELL. Ah-hah, you think this only happens overseas right?!

So what happened was, there was this mass downloading via torrents, of this Oscar-winning movie ”Dallas Buyers Club” just recently, and the owner of the movie isn’t very happy. Well, of course, who would be? Would you be happy if I go to your place and finish up all of your potato chips without asking? Ah… ah… ah… Don’t deny ah.

Owner, Dallas Buyers Club LLC has since embarked on a global campaign in countries such as Singapore, USA and Australia to take action against illegal downloaders and the production company, ”Voltage Pictures” have been sending out lawyer letters to illegal downloaders of the movie. DENG-DENG-DENG! But that isn’t the bad news……

Bad news is that, local ISPs are giving up customers’ personal particulars to the production company, just so they are able to sue all these illegal downloaders! Now you are wondering, how did they find out who downloaded?!

You see… Problem with torrenting, your IP address becomes publicly available whenever you seed (upload) something. Let’s say, for Bitorrent, the IP addresses of BitTorrent users are publicly available whenever you seed something, it is a feature which shares parts of the downloaded files with other BitTorrent peers (users). Do you still think you are safe on the internet? -Inserts devil face-

To be honest, it does not just apply to BitTorrent. Anything you download is recorded through your IP address and timestamp. You may say you have a dynamic IP that changes from time to time. But that IP that’s logged during the download doesn’t change. So they can still trace it back to you one way or another.

An application was submitted to the High Court to force our three major local ISPs earlier this year, to surrender the details of all the illegal downloaders for ”Dallas Buyers Club”. Wtf, whatever happened to customers’ rights and privacy. Okay lah, order from High Court, suck it up. Hmph.

FORTUNATELY, ViewQwest users were spared from this saga. Teehee. Eh hello, doesn’t mean illegal downloads are good okay. I WILL BE JOBLESS IF EVERYONE TORRENTS MOVIE!! I am a filmmaker in the making, don’t forget that… ): Downloading things online may be convenient and seem harmless because movies and music are just a click away. Not forgetting the insane internet speed with the introduction of fibre, and the 2Gbps fibernet ViewQwest has right now, downloads are no longer a pain in the ass. Remember how it was 56kbps in the early 2000s?! Good old MSN days, 8D

That does not give you sufficient reason to download stuff illegally online. Pirating is NOT cool, and internet should be used responsibly. Like I’ve mentioned, if everyone continues to pirate movies and music, producers are gonna go jobless lah wahlau. And you guys will end up with NOTHING to watch once all of us go jobless, I tell you. You want that to happen?!?!?!

AH! Also, Game of Thrones Season 5 was leaked today, just a day before the official broadcasting on HBO. No idea which SOAB decided to do such a distasteful thing. HORRIBLE.

In case you don’t know, Game of Thrones is like the MOST PIRATED TV series, ever. Everyone’s raving how sick it is, the graphics, storyline and whatsoever, even my After Effects lecturer uses Game of Thrones as reference during lessons. I personally have not watched the show though, x’D……
But, the ex-boyfriend’s mom is a fan! So I know a bit hahaha.

NOW I KNOW WHAT YOU ARE THINKING. You want to go and google search for torrent links already right?! Now that you know it is leaked!! AH.. AH… AH……! Bad habits die hard, dammit.
Honestly speaking, it is not worth the risk lah. Just pay Netflix, Hulu a monthly subscription of what….. S$20-ish on ViewQwest TV? They have Freedom VPN, so these sites are not geo-blocked! And you can get to watch it on demand, anytime. Why risk torrenting and have your IP tracked, get sued, and fined up to S$10,000 per item? You may even have to serve jail term if the plaintiff (the party who starts the lawsuit) decides to be a bxxxx.

I honestly don’t think it is worth the risk. Also, give me a chance to work in the industry lah, hehehe. Support originals!! Don’t let it die before I graduate, the piracy is really bad right now, and I hope it doesn’t get any worse. ):

Alright, back to my projects. Just thought I need to write this like right now, IDK WHY.
You may not agree on what Voltage Pictures is doing, but I must support the industry I’m in! sorry )x
Shall do a video recording of my upload speed soonish after I am done with my first ever official self-filmed, produced and directed video, *Cries tears of joy*

sic pink head, mehehehehe

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