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by - Tuesday, April 14, 2015

Decided to pop by Komachi to have my roots and color touched up. It's been a while since I last dyed my hair, all the blonde is getting brassy and frizzy. Since I have way too much free time these days, might as well I keep myself occupied.

See that super sian face, lol.

Got Miko to help me do some highlights. First time doing a full head highlight, I am quite excited how it will turn out to be honest. My mood is still quite bad lah, but got filming on Friday, I wanna look good haha.

She started off lightening(Not bleach!) my hair color first so that the color will go on easier. After that I had a quick wash off, and prep up with the highlights and base!!

Tsukasa's favorite jelly that will help lighten my hair, LOL.

Hello brown, omg. It's been a while!!!!

She then proceeded with the pink and brown base color, hehehe. Yep, I had to dye my hair twice! Damaging af, but aiyah, 愛美不要命 hahahahaha!

Like raspberry and avocado paste, lol..........

Here they gooooooo.

Smack smack smack smack, HWALAHHHH. All the colors up and ready to be absorbbbbb.

Raspberry paste man Hahahaha. I was quite shock to see this pink, thought I'm going hot pink again but thank goodnesssss....

Final results!

Color enhanced due to contrast.




I am now a potential xiaolian hahaha

Just kidding.

Thank you Miko, Tsukasa and Komachi for making miracles again, (: I love love loveeeee my hair now!
Book your appointment with them now and get your hair ready for the new school term!!

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