ViewQwest Couch Potato Week 7: Always available, 24/7.

by - Sunday, April 19, 2015

Being an extremely klutzy and forgetful person, calamari and goldfish are like my name tags. It is okay as long as I don't get myself killed lah, but it gets extremely annoying when I forget my passwords and user ID. So trouble came when I came home one day and found out one of my ViewQwest frequency went missing. Remember I mentioned the router provided has 2 frequencies? One normal 2.4ghz, and one 5ghz?

I got home one day, and did my usual stuff. Took my laptop, logged on and switch my internet. To my horror, VQ 5G DISAPPEARED. Note: I got home at freaking 3AM..... Who can I call for help? :'(

I needed to rush some assignment because submissions are just around the corner. AND RESEARCH IS IMPORTANT. So the only way to check what is wrong is to log onto their portal, but stupid me actually forgot my admin ID and password -_-".... Admin and password can only be found if I call the service center otherwise I find the receipt(?!) Freaking hell, it's 3AM in the morning, ughhhh. But thank goodness lah, I managed to find my receipt(The one the nice technician wrote my log in ID and password on), and log onto the admin portal for my fibernet! Annoying part is that, I still couldn't activate my 5ghz even though it's status is active!!!!!

So I called up ViewQwest @ 6723 8100 anyway, ^^" hahaha.

Good thing is that, their service center is 24/7, their staff will always be on standby to help you regardless what time it is. Unlike Green camp that breaks down ANY TIME THEY WANT, and then go to sleep after 10PM. Otherwise, they keep you on hold for over an hour or maybe longer. I've never waited more than an hour, but I guess you could wait up to two and have no one serving you (according to my mom)??! ViewQwest picked up the call in just a couple of rings, freaking fast.

But anyway, back to what I was saying. Mine was actually a really small issue... Like seriously seriously small.. So small I feel embarrassed to even call up ViewQwest and ask what is wrong -_-"""

My baby nephew came over to my place the other day and accidentally kicked the router and it got disconnected. I had to reconnect my cables and restart every thing to double check and reactivate all my router again. Okay lah, stupid me has zero knowledge with IT stuff lol......

But I was in a rush and I'm glad I managed to get help!! 8D And the person who answered the call was sooooo nice. Like you know, I'm a total IT tard and obviously has no clue what he was saying, but he guided me through slowly until I fix my the router anyway. *Touched*

On the other hand, you might at times also face some technical issue within their admin portal. In which a fella couch potato contestant had wrote about, you can check out his post here! ViewQwest's efficiency will solve anything that is hindering your connection within minutes! Which is pretty amazing. Safety wise, as mentioned in Keith's blog post, you could always change your password if you feel unsafe!

I've always heard good reviews about ViewQwest's 24/7 helpline! To be experiencing it myself is really a whole new level of understanding. I've never knew you could still find such good customer service hotline in Singapore! Kudos to ViewQwest technician team! And really thank you so much, hehe.

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