ViewQwest Couch Potato Week 5: Manga buddy?

by - Sunday, April 05, 2015

There has been multiple thunderstorms lately.... It is annoying because power supply at my place ALWAYS trips whenever there's a thunderstorm. It gets even more annoying, when my internet gets cut off. Yup, that was what happened for the past few days, and I practically couldn't access the internet unless I am sapping off my data from my phone, ugh.

But anyway.... I've been trying very hard to occupy myself lately so I don't think too much rubbish that may make me extremely depress. SO, I'VE BEEN READING LOTS AND LOTS OF MANGAAAAA, hahahha. Awesome please. I think I managed to finish up over 200+ mangas for the past few weeks.

Speaking of which, this is one of the few paid application I have for my manga streaming on my phone. I think it cost about $2.99? Not sure how much it is now!

Manga BDR

There is only 2 main things that takes up space in my phone.


Why IMAGES x 2? Because I used to have 16GB worth of data, and turned out, 11GB was from my Manga application, and 2GB from my photos gallery, hahaha. The rest was... yknow.... Text, iOS, a little bit of music, videos and erm..... more games.... Hahahhaa it's crazy.

Streaming Manga on phone is never an easy thing. Finding the best websites that hosts the scans, and getting the best server that downloads the fastest is the worst. You can have many many different websites, but you know, with bad internet, loading images is a pain in the ass. YOU WILL SEE A BLANK SPACE. I've got a blank space baby, and I'll write your name~~~~~
Then you keep going back and forth, back and forth, trying to load that one page... Omg it's damn freaking annoying.

On this app, you get to just download the entire series from chapter 1 until it's last chapter! Then just swipe and read, swipe and read.... No more annoying clicking and waiting for it to load on your laptop screens or smartphone's internet browser.

All you have to do is look for the manga you like from the websites available.... They have a list telling you which sites you can download the mangas from.

And then you just, "Add Manga"! Whaaaallah! Easy peasy right?!

Click on "Read Manga" and it will be added to your library!! Manga just a swipe away, LOL.

Managed to get 10 chapters downloaded in just 7 minutes, good lord I love my ViewQwest fibernet, HAHAHAHA. SORRY I JUST HAVE TO. I used to have to wait super long for the stupid Green line to move and do its job. Like how your train always gets stuck at bloody Clementi or Jurong East, wahlau.


Yep, this is what I occupy myself with nowadays. Tons and tons of fantasies and delusional fairytales, pffts. Don't say I never share good stuff okay, I know it's been a while since I last shared a good apps, ):

Okay, now here you go manga junkies. We can be bestflens. ^3^

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  1. How much quicker is it to download manga with ViewQwest’s Fibernet? If all the manga has to be pre-loaded before I read them, then I can just leave them to do so while I attend to other matters, so how does this enhance real-time reading?

    - Scott (Edelman for ViewQwest)


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