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Finally back with an update after 11 days! It was really tough blogging through my phone. The apps crashed on me like ..... 5 times?! And mobile apps doesn't auto save, omg horrible.

I actually wrote this post on my 5th day in Europe! But couldn't upload due to lousy internet, pffts.
But I am back in Singapore now!! I will update day by day on my trip whenever I'm free, hahahahahaha.

Okay, here's Venice (Just a really brief update.)




Left the hotel at 8:30AM in the morning and headed straight out for a 3 hours trip to Venice! Road there wasn't easy. The traffic is really bad and dangerous! And it was really cold, plus the sun is scorching bright. It's really hard to drive with the blazing sun shining directly on the windscreen. But our driver is amazing. XD

Day 4: Booked for the most romantic city on Earth, Venice.

Venice is located across the sea, so we had to take a bus to the jetty, to take another boat straight to Marco city.

Venice is surrounded by water, with a lot of streets and alleys. We arrived at about 1:30PM. So we headed straight for lunch first at the most popular Italian restaurant in Venice, famous for their Squid Ink Spaghetti.

We were also served Seafood Pasta and this ultra huge pizza!

I really love the Seafood Pasta! Would had been better if they had used linguine cooked to al dante hahaha. Addicted ever since I ate the Tomyum Seafood Linguine at SUPPERMAN, XD

The pizza is really huge too! About the same size as the one in USS hahaha. But not to my liking. Felt the crust was thick and hard to chew.

You'll have to finish up your food real quick here during winter. Because it's so cold your food turns freezing within minutes! Even if you have a heater in the room, the food turns cold so quickly it's even more efficient than a freezer, :omg:

After food we went on the gondola! It's the famous banana boat that many people go Venice for!

The boat rides around Venice's river, bringing you along the city and the alleys of Venice! I am going to be really honest... that I didn't really like the smell there. Because Venice is already on the verge of submerging, so the water level is actually pretty high. It actually floods to my knee when it rains.
So they most people don't live on the ground floor anymore due to floods, and all these empty houses collects a lot of bacteria, causing algae to form, leading to this unique Venice fragrance.. But it was still bearable because the visuals are good. It kind of make you forget about how the place smells like after riding the gondola, hahaha.

Their boats looks real amazing. The design and all are ultra luxurious! And you have a gondolier rowing the boat for you, touring you around Venice on their Grand Canal! It's pretty romantic I would say, but the smell..... I guess you'll have to just ignore it hahaha. I honestly honestly personally felt it was bearable. But the aunties and kids that rode the boat were complaining how smelly and ridiculous was the ride because it's expensive and smelly as they say....

But anyway! They have a really great view here. All of their buildings and houses are like pieces of art itself. God, the landscape is soooo pretty I think I snapped about 300 photos here?! But no, I'm not gonna upload them here today hahaha. I'll do a special photo-blog once I load the photos into my laptop!

The sky dims at 5pm! So we left Venice at about 5:30pm, and caught a really beautiful sunset. It's so beautiful the whole landscape looks like a painting. I've never thought sceneries can actually look like this until I see it for myself! It's really amazing. A pity I didn't get to catch auroras during my stay there. It would make the whole place even more spectacular!

Cute meimei I met on my trip.

Oh! I haven't mention... I actually joined a tour group because my aunt needed a company cum translator. So I was pretty lucky to be able to tag along hahaha.
And a lot of you had asked me how much did I spend and all for this whole trip, I'll update again about that once I get back to Singapore!! I don't have my laptop with me right now, T_T and it's really hard to blog through phone.


Next stop: Milan! I'll do a proper photo update when I'm back. ^3^

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