Breakfast VS Sleep

by - Friday, October 04, 2013

Actually this couple of days, I've been leading a pretty healthy lifestyle, sleeping early, waking up early, having my breakfast, working out and trying to shape up. All until today, I woke up at 12PM, feeling as if I had a horrible hangover. Maybe it's due to the period. I couldn't sleep in peace because I recently just changed my bed sheets to white and I wouldn't want ANY stain on it. I'm quite a clean freak when it comes to the bed, even though my room is messy to such extent it's Narnia to the ants.

But anyway. I couldn't sleep last night. So I ended up watching "Spring Breakers" on YouTube. You know the one that has Disney stars in it, Selena Gomez and Vanessa Hudgens.... With Hudgens totally naked. It was kind of boring, because it's not your usual drama-mama kind of film. Spring Breakers is more of an artistic films that has loads of hidden agenda which I honestly couldn't really figure out (Probably cause I was really sleepy and tired) due to all the crazy editing that made me feel like I'm dope but the film wasn't all too bad because the acting was good, at the very least.

So I ended up waking at 12PM because I'm meeting Ting for lunch.
Not a good thing. Now my body clock is all screwed up again after trying so hard to be normal. I should have woke up at 9AM, be a good kid, drink a glass of milk, work out, do some editing and head out for lunch. Ugh why did I sleep so late last night, *face palm*

You see, I actually thought of sleeping just that couple of hours, and then wake up at 9ish.... then perhaps rest earlier tonight to replenish the sleep I've been missing. BUT the lazy bones in me forbids. They are protesting because I haven't been giving them enough sleep lately, and now they are ganging up with the flu bug and staging a strike within my immune system ....

Now I'm contemplating breakfast, or sleep since I am so free these days.. How many of you actually take breakfast daily?

Camwhored yesterday because I had nice make up on, hehehe.

People must be like, what's wrong with this girl. So zilian. It's her face everywhere.
You see, I just can't help it when I have pretty make up, pretty lightings and pretty hair. Especially after recovering from the bad skin I had for the past 2 weeks. Hahahahaha cam-whore's woes XD

But I ain't even joking when I say my skin was bad for the past 2 weeks. All thanks to the job at F1, clogging all the pores and causing outbreaks ohmygod - the thought of it gross me out.. Let's not go there, though the event was fun.

My head is throbbing real bad right now, and the cramp is killing me. Shouldn't had ordered Bandung just now T_T Lucky enough I still have a couple of choc bars at home. Alright, I'm gonna go take a short nap now before waking up to prepare for tonight's dinner. I don't even know if I made any sense in this post. Gonna stop blabbering before I clown myself any further, hahahaha -

Bye for now, xx.

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