HOW TO: Minion Nails

by - Friday, July 12, 2013

Ba-ba-ba, ba-ba-na-na! Ba-ba-ba, ba-ba-na-na!

Even McD is giving out Despicable Me toys! How could I not join in the craze considering I'm a crazy fan that goes around annoying the hell out of everyone with minion voice?! *Bee-doh-bee-doh-bee-dohhhhh~~*

As promised, I made short step-by-step tutorial for those who are interested in DIY-ing your own minion nails! The results were not very good today because I accidentally spilled black nail polish on my white sofa, and I had to shift all my stuff and I kind of lost the momentum, :'(

The nail polish I'm using are all bought from TheFaceShop, and for those who do not have dotting tools, don't worry, I don't have them too, XD Just prepare a couple of hair pin or satay sticks! It works fine too!

I couldn't find Gray for the goggles so I replaced it by using Nude/Beige! And it would be good if you have hot pink for the mouth area! I'm using a baby pink here, and it can't really be seen, :(
You will also need your nail clipper and buffer to shape your nails before getting started!


Shaping your nails is very important! Uneven nails break really easily and it scratches really easily too. But of course, don't overdo it, you wouldn't want to have claws,
Remember not to cut them too short, or else your minion's features would look really cramped up! And too small of a canvas is really hard to draw on!

2. Apply base coat!

After buffing your nails, wash all the debris(Powder) off and towel dry your hand. Next, take your base coat and apply a thin layer on your nails and leave dry!


After your base coat has dried, it's time to banana your fingerrrrs! Apply the yellow as the base colour and we are ready to start drawing on the features, hehehe.

You should get something like this after you're done!

4. Place the eyes!

Grab your black polish and your dotting tool, carefully dap a little, just enough to draw on the strap!

Draw the sides like this!

Draw them closer to your cuticle, leaving enough space at the bottom for the mouth and body!

5. The goggles!

Using the beige color, take another satay stick or you could use the same one, just turn it over, and create the eyes!

Just dot 2 circles, (or one, because Stuart has one eye!)
This will be the goggles. If you are able to get your hands on gray nail polish, it would be better! ^^
Now wait for it to dry before adding on the next layer, the eyeballs 8D~~~

6. The-eyeeee.
This was where I messed up and spilled my nail polish, T_T

Using white nail polish, dot a smaller circle on the goggle to create the "eyes".

A gray nail polish will be able to show the goggles better! My nude and white is quite close, so you can't really see the goggles here. But you know what I mean, xD

7. The iris.

How can you have eye white without the iris? Taking the black polish again, and add 2 dots on your minions' eyes!

To be honest, I think they look rather ugly here.
I'm sure you guys are able to do a better job!

8. Mouth!

After you're done with the iris, using the same dotting tool, now draw the mouth on! Be creative with the shapes! But remember to draw big enough to fit in the teeth and tongue!

Or you can just draw a smile like the one on my index finger!


After all the black had dried up, you can continue to add on the tongue and teeth! You have to make sure the black is fully dried. Or else it would smudge and blend into your white!

Grabbing my pink, I add on the tongue at the bottom of the "mouth" that I've drawn and teeth on the top!

10. Completing!

Alas! We've come to the final step. You of course don't want your minions to be naked, XD
Grab the blue, and french your nails! Or you could customize your own clothing for them too!

Just a lillllll-bit on the tip of your nails. And there you have your minions!

And the last and final step is to slap on the top coat! After your base have dried, add on your top coat to smooth it out!

This might not be the best tutorial you can find for minion nails, just sharing how I do mine, as promised!
It's okay if you don't have the colors you need! Just be creative! Who knows you might create a new series of minions just like this, hehehe.

Have fun and I hope you've enjoyed this tutorial!
I'll do more if the feedback is good, :P

Feel free to email me at or leave a comment if you have any questions!

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