CNY Eve.

by - Saturday, February 09, 2013

I've never felt so dread of new year before. Just a few days before New Year's Eve, I was pulling overnighters just to rush out most of my work for submissions. You know that fucked up feeling you get when you're being told 1 day before submission that there's actually a deadline to meet the very next day? What's worse, there's presentation too. It's fucked up. Totally fucked up.

Because I thought I still have 2 more weeks to go for my assignments, so I obviously left it aside and focused on other modules first. I totally went wtf when I got news from my class rep saying the deadline is on the very next day, and that I have a lot of requirements to meet. Or rather, I havent even start working on the project itself at all.

But lucky enough.. I already had some knowledge on the program I'll be using for the project, so it didn't took me as long as I had actually expected. Still, I was awake for almost 40 hours. And I concussed the moment I got home after I showered. I swear I woke up feeling as if I had a hangover. I was drunk doing too much work. Fml.

Frankly speaking, I'm not really prepared for CNY actually. You'll soon see why...

Yep, that's the state of my room now. I didn't even bother to pack because I have so much work, I honestly have no idea where to put them, or should I throw them. My school actually supports recycling so much, I have lecturers telling me, keep all your rubbish because they could be essential materials for your assignments. Because I got graded saying I am not creative enough, and lack of various materials for experimentation, my room is now a rubbish dump.

Talking about school.. I'm recently so pissed I actually have thoughts of dropping out. It's not that I can't cope with the stress or whatsoever. The issue is that, the lessons are so freaking early at times it is practically impossible for me to wake up. And then I have irresponsible lecturers that tells us, "Just email us if you have any questions. Or leave us a text." and end up not replying. I left emails, I sent texts. Not 1 but 3 lecturers didn't reply the email, and 2 actually replied my texts saying,

"Please do not message me at this late hour. Contact me again tomorrow."
"Yes. Please go ask your class reps."

Like hello?! If asking the class has any beneficial means, would I even text you, the lecturer, personally?! And to the other, weren't you the one who said we could contact you any time? Wtf. Another thing is that, I seriously have selfish classmates. Selfish to the extend they could actually glass through me to talk to another fella right behind me. I know I'm short lah, but I'm asking a question too isn't it?!

Sometimes I really wish I could just act like a spoilt kid, complain to whoever, or just drop out. But this is reality, I have no choice but to suck thumb and face it. Fml x2.

Okay, I shall stop ranting. It's the last day of the year on the lunar calendar. Everything shall stop here. To think I actually ranted about the same stuff on the 31st of December.. New Year wishes obviously is a hoax!! :@

New Year's Eve shopping this morning!

I caught her lepak-ing outside my house, so I went to said HCNY eve to her, and she gave me this face....

Totally reminds me of...

I love you so much, Garfield. ^^"
Alright, happy chinese new year eve, you all! Get more angbaos, and have a huat snake year!
Sending out a whole bunch of xoxo.... Hahahaha

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