CoCo Curry!

by - Thursday, February 07, 2013

Been craving for Japanese Curry for quite some time now! Was walking around Bugis for inspiration for my assignment with Clint when we saw CoCo Curry House and thought why not settle our dinner there.

It's really cool because you can chose your rice portion and spicy level! Why do I sound like a mountain tortoise.....

For me, I chose than standard one. The kind where people call it the "sweet curry". I've tried level 2 and it was honestly way too spicy for me. Okay, I suck, I know. :(
But original still tastes the best(?!)

So I got myself the Fried(I can't believe i just typed friend.) Squid Curry Rice, 150g portion with standard level spice! Clint ordered the Soft Boiled Beef Curry with Level 1 spice!

My fried squid!

Clint's beef curry!

It's super nomzxc! It's like the best Japanese curry restaurant I've ever visited(?!) They have like so many selection of curry rice I took about 10 minutes to decide what I want to eat. And idk how they managed to cook their rice to make it taste so good with the curry! Thought of it makes me drool.......

Alright, I better get cracking. Deadline tomorrow and I haven't even started editing my video, :(
Bought Palty hair dye just now! Gonna change my hair color for the new year. Hope it turns out good!

CNY in 2 days, are you guys ready for the angbaos? XD

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