CNY Day 1

by - Monday, February 11, 2013

Gong xi gong xi gong xiiiii ni yaaa~ Gong xi gong xi gong xi ni!
Happy Chinese New Year everybody!

Woke up late as usual. I 守歲(Shou sui) until 6:30 last night! Wonder anyone of you out there still practises this tradition! To stay up throughout the night after your reunion dinner to welcome the New Year! Chinese people believes that if you 守歲, your parents, grandparents will live to a ripe old age! And I ended up sleeping at 6:30am, and only woke up early enough for tea-time. :x

I didn't actually went out to 拜年. Because I'm living really close to my grandma's place! So for New Year, I'll just get changed and head up to her house, which is only a block away! Most of my relatives will be there, so there's no need for the children to go visiting, :P

One of my cousin brought this really cool antique over. It's a 1979's TLR Camera! TLR, also known as Twin-lens reflex camera, is a 2 lens manual camera that takes picture by looking through from the top! Like those really traditional cameras where you have a curtain covering from the back, and then you press the shutter, it'll go *boom*! But this is more modern la.. There's no huge flash, no curtains needed, and no *booms*. 8D

What a beauty, right?! I really love the look of it. It's very classic and vintage. Me and my other younger cousins totally went goo-goo over it. Like some kind of fangirls drooling over their favourite idol... LOL.

So we just hanged around granny's place until dinner time. Watched videos, took polaroids, gossip about random celebrities. Sounds pretty boring ah. But it was raining super heavily, so there wasn't anything much we could do as well.

And my look for the day!

Clint came back from Malaysia at about 6:30PM. So he joined us for dinner and then we headed to Westmall to book midnight show at the new Cathay cinema. The new cinema is super chio! Though still quite smelly because it's new.. but the sound system there was plain awesome.

We had plenty of time before our 1:30AM show, so I did my nails!

Like a sir.

Reached home at about 4AM to KO for the day. Now that's how I spent my first day of New Year! Feels really different from the past few years because when I was a kid, we did all sorts of stuffs! Like playing with fire crackers, head out to watch fireworks after our reunion dinner, play poker cards or monopoly... Then we would compare how much angbao money we received and sort of cheat each other's money away by playing our own version of blackjack(LOL).

Everything feels so different now that most of us are grown-ups. Graduating from secondary schools, JC, and some had already advanced to university. Time is flying so fast! I feel so old now watching my younger cousins growing up! OTL...
Never mind, I still have a couple of years more to collect angbaos. Hehehehehe.
Happy New Year again, everyone!
Collect more angbaos and have a great great year ahead!

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