by - Friday, November 23, 2012

Just a tiny conversation I've been having with myself throughout the whole day while doing my work... And I realized, I really swear a lot. Now that needs to stop....

9:00AM "Ughh, not again. Can I not do this?"

9:15AM "Honestly, what the fuck am I supposed to do?!"

9:20AM "Super hungry leh..."

9:22AM "Okay, forget it. I'm getting my sleep."

- 3 hours later.... -

12:30PM "Alright, LETS GET STARTED."

12:33PM "Cb la, Idk what to do la."

12:34PM *Hunts for Project Brief*

12:55PM *After ransacking the room for almost 20 minutes, I finally found my sketchbook and project brief.*

- At the same time makes a promise to myself that I will clean up my room after my assessment week. -

1:00PM "Okay, research that is."

2:00PM *Mom goes out* Peace.

2:30PM *Aunt comes over and made me some noodles.* Maggie mee is super unhealthy.

3:00PM *Starts painting after finishing food*

- And it just goes on until..... -

9:00PM Still painting..... "Wahlan eh, can I not do this anymore?! I've been at it for 6 hours!"

"You obviously can't. Just finish dotting that damned thing."

"Pointalism is a fucking pain."

10:00PM Still dotting... "Okay I'm gonna start working on my Photoshop assignment at 11."

11:00PM Still dotting.... "Dafuq, it's already 11!"

"Cannot, cannot. Must finish this first. Okay paint background."

11:45PM "Finally done. Okay Photoshop time."

"Aiyah, let me search for Breaking Dawn Part 2 on Funshion first....."


"Okayokay, watch nia. Photoshop can be done later, easy la!"

1:00AM "Wahlao, mom needs to stop asking me to help her with HTML. I cant even watch my show properly."

"Ya sia, watch 1 hour, and you still have 42 minutes of the show to go."

1:15AM *Checks Maple for Justice Coin* LOL, WTF.

Somehow... I ended up going for PQ.

3:55AM "Can a human die due to sleep deprive?"

"Stupid or what? Obviously yes?!"

- Starts Photoshop -

3:56AM "Last lap, LET'S GO!"


"Oh I got it."

4:03AM "Wahlao, not helping sia..."

"So I should just sleep now?"


4:05AM "Tutorials is not helping... Oh god... Can I... Really just.... Do it my way....?"

"I OBVIOUSLY CAN'T RIGHT?! Dammit, I'm going bonkers talking myself into doing my work."

Okay, so I finally realize I've been talking to myself for the whole damned day because there isn't anybody else around to be helping me with my work. So I'm just gonna talk to the internet.

Now that I did, I still don't feel good. WTF. I really need to have someone hitting me on the head and tell me how important time is right now. I feel so not motivated?! And I feel so... drained. Facing bullshit everyday is such a pain. There's so much to handle, yet I only have 1 brain, 2 hands, and 1 tiny body. Like I'm a human too?! There's only this much one could ever take.

Oh well, forget it. Whining's not gonna help. I'm a super woman. Time to fly.

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