When the hair gets annoying.

by - Monday, July 16, 2012

My dry and flyaway hair is starting to get on my nerves. So bad I almost wanted to trim it shorter instead of trimming off my damaged ends last night. But it's okay, I'm still loving the pink ombré on my hair. I got Clint to help me touch up and guess what result I got?

A mixture different shades of pink!! I'm thinking of using cotton candy pink to dye the bottom layer so as to create a gradient kind of look, but on a second thought, perhaps not. Gonna change to another color soon enough!

School reopening in less than a month's time! And I've recently started driving too. I hope I could get my license by the end of the year! Then I wouldn't have to squeeze on train every damned morning, pffts.

My latest obsession.

Witchery,魔力點子 bubble tea!

No idea where else sells this, but Rach bought this drink for us the other day at Westmall and im totally addicted to it. It tastes just like those in Taiwan, and ive been trying to find this taste in Singapore ever since I drank the bubble tea in Taiwan! People living in Bukit Batok should really try this. The store's next to Frolick!

Also, just this afternoon, I received this at my mailbox!

Kiki Neko Rubber iPhone case! I'm making Clint use it because I don't have an iPhone now, hahaha! I guess I'll be getting an orange one after I get a new phone! Maybe a Galaxy S3 or I'll just wait for iPhone 5.

Anyway, the casing is really nice to touch. It's very smooth and the quality isn't too bad! Got it off gmarket at only $5 including shipping from Korea and postage. Cheap or what?!

Oh, in case anyone of you are wondering, yes, I'm still selling those geek specs! And still have like a few tens of them. *Faint*

So spread the love you guys! Get them for your friends or anything! Bah. I'll be off for now. Im still not done with editing those photos for my apparels. I'm so sorry, T^T. Promise they'll be up by the end of this week!

Meanwhile, want to win a Canon Digital Camera? Click on my Nuffie for more details! It's on my side bar!


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