Friday the 13th.

by - Friday, July 13, 2012

Seems like everyone's going on and on about how unlucky they are today. And as for me, I've been sleeping my whole afternoon away and was pretty late to meet Clint and his camp-mates up for Seoul Garden!

Yep, we went Seoul Garden again! With most of his squad members. Didn't take any photos today because I've returned the phone back to bby and I didn't bring out my cameo. :(

So I'm like super anti-social and lifeless now. All I do everyday is sleep, sleep, and sleep again. I can't even camwhore, and texting using my stupid LG is such a chore. I swear that Lousy Gadget couldn't even censor my touch half the time. And texting with it is like trying to type without your keypad. And the stupid 3G doesn't work, I couldn't tweet, Facebook, instagram... And the camera is only 3 megapixels....... Quality so bad I'm annoyed camwhoring with it. And to add on, I had caught a flu last night and fell sick on a day I'm supposed to enjoy. (?!)

But oh well. It's okay. I wouldn't say I'm unlucky because it's Friday the 13th. Cause I kinda predicted that I'll fall sick soon and it just so happens to be on today. I can't believe my wisdom tooth started aching after we got a table, sat down, started cooking at Seoul Garden. I ended up eating really little and went home being a super hungry girl.

What's worse, towards the end of the meal, I started feeling feverish. And by the time we left Marina Square, I was already running a fever with a temperature of around 37.9 degrees. But the day wasn't all that bad. Clint brought me over to Prize Stage and caught me a couple of GLOOMYBEARS to add on to my collection! ♥

And by the time we reached Bukit Batok, my legs were already protesting. Most of my muscles wouldn't work anymore and I was burning up till 38degree, I believe. Since I didn't have a thermometer, so perhaps it wasn't that high. Took a quick shower, and lay down on the bed for a while. Wanted to head over to Clint's place but I was too weak to walk. In fact, I shut down 5 minutes upon lying down on the bed.

Le boyfriend was really sweet. Even though he kinda KO-ed along with me, but he somehow woke up in the middle of the night once every hour to check on me to make sure I'm still alive, LOL. Alright, he's not that mean. He just want to make sure I'm fine, hahaha. And me, being the sick child, was kicking blankets, pillows, bolster, soft toys and him all over the place because I felt so hot I couldn't sleep well at all. So I'm really thankful that my boyfriend is really patient with me, ♥.

To everyone who had a bad day today, it's okay. There's always rainbow after rain! Just think of the good times, stay positive, your day will naturally be good!

Toodles everyone! I'll update as soon as I'm done with all those photos of the clothes!

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