Ramadan Bazaar @ Tampines!

by - Thursday, July 02, 2015

It is super rare to see me travel all the way to the East unless special reasons like......work. Dam sian lah wahlau. I had to carry my ass all the way from Jurong to Tampines just for work the other day, but thank goodness there was this ramadan bazaar going on just next door. I couldn't resist and I was sooooo hungry after work so I dragged Kimmy with me to go for food shopping,

At least my journey to the East was worth it somehow. LOL.


WHOOTS, omg.

I like that the meat isn't super dry or charred, hehe. Just right and juicy, nhmmmmm......
And it's 3 for $8 only?!

We initially just wanted to get the kebab and leave because that piece of fatty kebab was so striking. It was just there when I walk passed the bazaar, LIKE OMG HUGE. But we ended up getting churros too because.... The banner said there's churros..... And churros is just.............. UNRESISTIBLE.

They even have a Facebook Page! Check out Back Alley

They have the classic Cinnamom Sugar one... And there's also Icing Sugar and Oreo ones.

All their churros comes with 1 dipping sauce! Choose between Chocolate and Condensed Milk! I got the condensed milk one, hehehehe.

Cravings satisfied.... I no longer need to go USS for my churros anymore,

Actually I still have to because Tampines is way too far... And USS seems nearer now because Kimmy bought me SEASON PASS HEHEHEHE.

Plus the churros is sooooo crispy and not super thick. You know the kind that has too much flour and becomes super thick? This one is just nice, and it doesn't harden like stone when it turns cold. Saved my gums from the unnecessary pain, phew.

Then we continued to walk around and saw this ultra big tub of rice, (wtf!)

Being that damned glutton I am, I obviously cannot resist this awesome smelling, and delicious looking bucket of bryani rice lah. LOL. It's a sin to say no to food ok!!! I think it was about $6 for this huge packet of bryani if I didn't recall wrongly. The ahbang even gave me one huge piece of chicken wing, 8D Hehehehehe.

I know, I know. You're hungry already. This is just a few of what is at the bazaar. They have soooooooo muchhhhhh more?! Kimmy also bought one Ramlys burger hahahaha. I personally think the Ramlys in Malaysia taste better tho. Maybe got extra ingredients like dust from the roadside or something, that's why LOL. I'M KIDDING.


The Ramadan Bazaar is located right next to Tampines MRT. Just alight on the Tampinese Mall side, and you can see it! It's right there, and most of the food is reasonably priced. I am craving for the kebab and the churros but I am so lazy to travel 1 hour 30 minutes just to go Tampines again, T_T Can someone bring the bazaar over to Jurong East please....?

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