Headlines Hairdressing: Dyna Argan Oil Straightening Treatment

by - Saturday, July 11, 2015

Hello!! I am sooooooo stoked to introduce you my new hair doctor, Headlines Hairdressing. To be very honest with you, I've never thought I will ever step into a salon ever again after my previous hair sponsor. Because my hair was in a really bad state, and I didn't think I would ever dare let any other salon touch my tress ever again. Even my friends mentioned I take better care of my own hair than they did!!

But! I had faith again after Jerlinda introduced me to Headlines Hairdressing! Well, I braid Jer's hair before and recalled how smooth and healthy it was, so I decided to hop onto the team!

With my hair so horribly damaged to the extent where it turns into soft rubbery texture when it is wet, I am unable to do any services except for hair treatments. Yup, and waaaayyyyyy more hair treatments. It is like a journey of ressurection. What made things worse is that, my bleached areas is the top layer of my hair, so I cannot hide them, and they get frizzy as hell. But I was told the lower layer of my hair is really healthy! Sigh, how much I wish I didn't had them bleached against my wish......

Anyway.... once again..... Here we are, my journey to hair ressurection!!!!!!!

Was told to try out the Mucota Dyna Straight Treatment because the Dyna Straight Treatment is actually an Argan Oil treatment. And it will help to reduce frizzy hair, prevents any further damages, prevents split ends and makes the hair shinier! Shinier hair means healthier looking hair!

Fun fact: Argan Oil is the world's most expensive plant oil. It is said to be Cleopatra's favorite.

I don't have much photos for this post because I stupidly left my camera at the shoe rack and forgot all about it after I wore my shoes... T_T

Linus first helped me wash my hair and then apply the first layer of treatment. After which, I had more treatment cream coming onto my head before a quick blow dry and straightening session.


God, you have no idea how much I hate my curls. Not trying to be racist, but I have indian curls. So curly it turns into a pig tail when I tie it up when I was a kid. And I get mocked about my hair every single time, I was one extremely self-conscious and emo kid because of all the bullying due to having curly hair. I was so sad when I found out I can no longer do rebonding because of my bleached hair.... It made me so depressed.......

LOOK. And these are not even the worst lah.... T^T

Thank goodness the Dyna Straight Treatment straightens hair, WOOHOOOOO.

Fun fact #2: Headlines Hairdressing is the first to have the MUCOTA Dyna Argan Oil Treatment!

I NEVER KNEW I COULD FULFILL MY DREAM OF HAVING STRAIGHT BABY HAIR. Linus even managed to straighten those stubborn curls that rebonding couldn't save. I DON'T KNOW HOW, BUT I AM EXTREMELY GRATEFUL.

I no longer have to spend an extra one hour at home trying to straighten my hair over and over again to have it all curled up whenever I perspire. Plus I perspire super easy and a lot. Wahlau, you know how straightening is just temporary? Damn annoying.
Dyna Straight Treatment helps to straighten out and reduce the roughness of the hair! #Somuchlove!!!!!!

And the Dyna Straight Treatment isn't smelly like Keratin Treatment,
I almost died the last time I did Keratin. It made my pillow stink like hell and it went on for almost 2 weeks. Not forgetting how it fried most of my bleached hair... and I had them trimmed off..... Hmm.. I thought it was supposed to help......


It makes me really really happy to know that my baby hair are now straight, and I no longer have to feel insecure and self conscious when I perspire now, hehehehe. And I don't have weird twigs sticking out all over the place because of frizz, because the treatment really did helped reduce a bunch of frizziness!

After the whole treatment, Linus then helped me trim my hair to balance out my uneven locks. It was pretty bad because of breakage and spilt ends, so he had no choice but to trim them all off. Good bye ugly one length, now I have me some pretty layers!

First ressurection session: Success! Thank you Linus and Jerry for your patience! I know my head is quite a bit of a challenge, and there are much more challenges in time to come, hahahahhaa.

Pop by Headlines Hairdressing to have your hair fix now!


10 Anson Road, #03-32
International Plaza
Singapore 079903
Book an appointment with Linus @ +65 6223 3133

Enjoy 10%~30% Off when you quote "Vivian Tian" when booking your appointment!

Also, bring a friend, and enjoy the MUCOTA Dyna Treatment @ $218 per pax! Usual price approx $350.
Don't forget you'll have to come in pairs to enjoy this offer!

A photo with my stylist, Linus!

Thank you for reading!

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