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by - Thursday, November 28, 2013

And it's my favourite time of the month!! Visited Naoki Yoshihara by Ash for my usual hair treatment on Monday. I've made it a point to visit the salon once every two weeks for hair treatment because my hair had been in an incredibly horrendous state ever since all the intense dye jobs, and it needs a lot a lot of nourishing.

Thank you Naoki Yoshihara once again making me look so fabulous. Not forgetting to mention how lasting and good the treatment made my hair feel!!

I went in the salon looking like that. I think Iwai-san was kinda shock at how I look everytime I visit the salon hahahaha.

I don't have this habit of putting on make up early in the morning. So I always visit the salon with a bare face accompanied with my lenses. Sometimes I'll step in with my specs and bedhead, looking all nua and lazy hhahahhahahahahahahaha! You could probably catch me there on Mondays if you happen to book the same appointment as me! XD

So I had to rely on my magicians once again! I'm glad I did.

Look at how smooth it is everytime after the treatment. But of course, smooth and pretty hair comes with lots of responsibilities! You'll have to make sure to avoid anymore heat treating or harmful chemical on your hair! What's the point of spending money on treatment when you are gonna further damage it right!! Give your hair a rest and let them heal before going for anymore changes!

I used to straighten my hair and do lots of styling almost everyday in the past, and the damage is simply incorrigible. After visiting Naoki Yoshihara, having my bunch of magicians taking care of my hair for me had made things so much better and easier for me!

Kelvin-chan helped me curled my ends after that!

Pretty pretty curls!!
I used to have messy curls all the time. So Kelvin gave me something different this time!
Big big lockkkkkks!

And tons of selfies because it's simply too gorgeous to not camwhore 8D

I really love this hairstyle! So much i'm actually considering perming for Christmas, XD
Do you think I should? :P

Keeping my fringe for the New Year! Hehehehe. I hope my hair grows soon! I recently learnt that our hair grows 12CM a year, so technically we will grow at least 1CM every month. But then it seems like my hair grows only 6CM a year.... @_@"

But anyway!!! I'm gonna end here now. I'm currently at some bars in Holland V blogging. Which is actually pretty weird hahahaha.
Book your appointment with Naoki Yoshihara by Ash and get ready for Christmasssssss!!

177 River Valley Road #02-15/16
Liang Court, Singapore
Singapore 179030

TEL: 6333 5662

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