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by - Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Hello!! I headed over to Datsumo Labo for the second time this afternoon for my first treatment session! Finally managed to squeeze some "me" time out to pamper myself from this busy schedule of mine. I've been working ever since I came back from my vacation at Cameron Highlands, :(

So, What is Datsumo Labo?

Datsumo Labo is a popular hair removal salon based in Japan, that is famous for their "Full Body Hair Removal" Package!
Read my first visit to Datsumo Labo here!

Basically, they will shave all the hair around the area you're treating, then apply the super cooling and soothing S.S.C Gel(Smooth Skin Control Gel), and then uses the IPL machine to treat the area!

The whole process was painless. Instead, it felt really good! I almost dozed off because the cooling gel felt so good on the skin! Like doing a full body mask like that, hahahaha. I could really feel my pores taking some rest and minimizing under the cooling gel.

This treatment actually helps to slow down the growth of your body hair right from the roots. The gel itself has whitening effect, and helps smooth the skin! What's more unbelievable is that, it actually promotes blood circulation too! Don't you find it annoying having to shave once every three ~ four days because they grow so fast? And if you don't, you start having that tiny black spots on your armpit before they turn into a whole bunch of bush under your arms. *face palm*

The treatment will help minimize your pores, whiten and smooths your skin, at the same time help to reduce the amount of hair that is growing. The hairs will gradually fall off and become lesser after a series of treatment. The results will then be permanent! How cool is that?! No shaving for the rest of your life, good right!!

Datsumo Labo is having an offer now! With only $99/month, for full body hair removing treatment! A full body hair removing treatment consist of face, neck, full back, arms, legs, chest, underarms and lots more.. The list is really long! Book an appointment with them for free consultation to find out more!

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• Orchard Branch
Tel: 6836-2140
Email: dlinternationalbuilding@datsumo-labo.com
Address: #01-13 International Building,
360 Orchard Road Singapore 238869.

• Tanjong Pagar Branch
Tel: 6538-3053
Email: dltporchidhotel@datsumo-labo.com
Address: 1 TRAS LINK Orchid Hotel, #02-02 SINGAPORE 078867

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Let's all have smooth and beautiful skin together! ^^


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