Alright, one last semester to go!

by - Saturday, December 16, 2017

Alright, finally found some time out to get on my blog and update a little about my life these days. I've just wrapped up my documentary shoot 2 days ago, and man, I wouldn't say I'm proud even lol...... There were plenty of setbacks when it comes to my documentary. Due to it's explicit and sensitive content, I was rejected the iMDA fund(I honestly didn't intend to even apply because well, we all know our government. But I was being pestered by the head producer to send in my proposal and so I did, ugh extra work.). Oh yeh, I did not mention anything about what my documentary is going to be about.

Okay, one liner; it's a documentary about used underwear seller in Singapore. Does that pique your interest? Hahaha. That to be honest is pretty much what my documentary will be covering. Life of this underwear seller in Singapore, hiding her identity and job scope from her friends and family, tolerating the slut shaming nature of this job to earn extra cash. I honestly started out this topic because I genuinely just wanna show the world that this trade exists. And people are just so lack of time to take up part time jobs at extremely low pay that they are taking up such creative measures to earn extra money. I didn't really think too much about how this affects the society, or how have the society affected us. There is definitely a change in how the new generation thinks, or rather, how the millennials think, but yknow, I never really ponder about how the change in society affected the change in the way we grow up. Yeh, economy is bad and all, uni grads can barely get a stable career these days. But that's just about it, right?

Sure there are much more issues that are going on, but if I were to be touching on all of these topics, my documentary is gonna become a feature length film hahaha.

Anyway. That's pretty much what's been on my mind for the past few months. Thinking of a direction my documentary should go, and how I should be filming it. I didn't have any idea as of how to go about it even until the very last minute before we hit on the rolling button. I was so nervous and scared, I thought I'd really screw this entire shoot up. Ok, I am kinda relieved that I am pretty much done with all the shoot, and I can finally grab some rest...... but not so relieved about the footage I've captured lol. Somehow still feel something is missing.

But well, that's one project down, and two last to go. One thesis paper to write, and another thesis fiction film to shoot. Meanwhile, let me sleep till Christmas comes..... hahahhaa.

Update again soon.

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