3Guards Family Day 2017!

by - Thursday, December 28, 2017

Join Kimmy at the 3Guards Family Day a while back to celebrate the New Years! Was quite an experience because I've always been extremely interested in military stuff, like you know... The vehicle, the weapons, the food and the lifestyle.. I've heard stories, but never really had any chance to experience it physically.

So it was really an eye opener because I really really love the weapons, and have always been curious.

There were live rappelling as well, something that guardsmen had to do to get through the Guards Conversion Course.

SAF bike; still on the way with my license, but it would be fun to ride this hahahaha

MG gunner for you? Sibei step. I couldn't really see anything through the scope tbh. HAHAHAHAHAHHAA #fail

Sniper Rifle was really fun though!! Was guided by an officer to complete some challenges. We had to find the targets and words hidden on the buildings and read it out. Managed to learn the functions of a rifle and actually mock use it was honestly quite an experience, xD What are the chances of you touching an actual rifle in Singapore if you don't serve?!

And then there are plenty of carnival games where you don't have to pay or queue like Marina Bay Carnival, LOL. Nothing huge or amazing, but it was quite the bonding session with my mom and dad, and also kimmy. #Cheaptrills.

Whether or not you win the game, you still get a token from the booth! Basically some Guards souvenirs, like Guards logo tattoo, pens, or my favorite, Guards logo metal keychain! Oh oh, and NS50 tiny metal soldiers!

That's Kimmy's ITE schoolmate! How nice to serve with familiar faces, hahaha. I am a less worried girlfriend knowing he has people he knows inside the camp with him.

Super rigged archery game, LOL. The arrows are shot diagonally and they don't stay. But hey, it was entertaining, hahahhaha.

Too bad this only happens once throughout a soldier's period of serving. If only we could visit them more and understand how their lifestyle are like, try out their cookhouse food or have some firing range for us to try hahahahahaha, clearly asking for too much. but it was fun. I got to at least visit Kimmy's bunk and look at the place he sleeps in.

How have time fly. He'll ORD in just 4 months time, and I'll see graduation in a blink of an eye.
Can't wait.. 2018 is gonna be amazing.

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