Greetings, 2018!

by - Friday, January 05, 2018

A bit late but I rly dont want to start my first 2018 post with an advertorial like last year. HAHAHA, you've guessed it. So I am not gonna commit the same crime again ok.

Anyway, 2017’s been a shithole filled with crazy ups &downs, but it was also a good wake up call to re-evaluate my life, &the people around me. People come, people go; always eliminate psychos, appreciate amigos. I am glad that with every loss, came genuine friends who would always stick by me regardless how much of a shit head I am and still blessed with an ever loving boyfriend(still very loving after 2half years). You'd be surprised how amazing are the people I met compared to the scums I used to hang out with.

Also with every step I take, I improve and surprise even myself with what I had achieved. I am still hyper stoked at the fact I participated in a Hollywood production, and can’t believe such huge responsibility was thrown onto me despite my skinny resume in the Arts department. It was to a point where if I had been even a little bit half assed, the whole team would have been driven up the wall and crash. I am also quite flabbergasted that I got documentary directing major (wtf i am no director material, just leave me with my paperwork and props) Surprisingly, yet to fuck up.

Moving on, in 2018, I hope to not make any empty resolutions that had been brought forward for god knows how many years... This always happens, doesn't it? HAHAHA


1 Slim the f down and start exercising
...because everyone is telling me how chubby I’ve become, and idw to be a fat burden that takes up too much space yknow. Later I take up the entire backseat of the car or 2 seats on public transport, how embarrassing. It has also taken a toll on my self-esteem tbh. I start to feel bad about myself, the way I look, my size and weight... From my non-existing nose bridge to my hairless eyebrows(LOL). Yes, all these comments finally got me. I guess it's because I'm old, and I am starting to feel the fear of being unwanted and outdated, HAHAHAHAHA.

2 Learn to ignore
I blame the rising amount of stupidity around me for my bad temper. Main point is, I will stop going from 0 to 100 in 0.1 second before I incinerate anyone right in front of my face.

3 Grow my hair out
And really, stop cutting my hair. I regret it every time, but I still do it anyway.
When was the last time I had waist length hair again?

Last but not least, exciting stuff are right ahead in mere months away. I’d be unofficially graduating in 15 weeks, Kimmy will unofficially ORD in 20, we will also be exiting the growing up phase and really start adulting. Fucking hell, I waited 12 years for this!! I can finally stop studying! Yes, after a good 12 years of tertiary studies(ITE—BA Hons), with friends constantly asking me at gatherings every year when am I gonna graduate, I can finally answer y’all, this year is when I will stop studying! I know I am all grown up now, ut I’m still the princess of the clique ok, HAHAHAHAHAHAHA.

Ending off... Thank you eventful 2017, you were terrible but I’ve been through worst. I am still ever thankful for all the opportunities that came along, though I am more decisive now. If you’ve read till here, thank you too. :)

Now, hello 2018, humor me.

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  1. Hey lovely,

    Jia you there in your studies!
    You have came this far and for all the ups and downs that you've been through, It's just part and parcel of of life yea. The world won't pause for us even when we are really in our lowest valley.

    Stay cheerful and all the best for your upcoming adulthood!

    Dr Martin Huang


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