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by - Monday, June 01, 2015

Woohooooo, I can finally bid goodbye to ugly glasses and wear my contact lenses again!! I actually ran out of my daily lenses back in early Febraury, and was trying extremely hard to get my friends to buy some back from Taiwan for me but to no avail. Nobody was nice enough to help me restock my supplies and I am not gonna visit Taiwan anytime soon, :(

I know I can get lenses from Singapore lah, but it is so expensive?! I am a frequent user of Freshlook Dailies, and Freshlook Dailies cost $28/box here in Singapore?? It sells at about $7/box in Taiwan! I will always buy a whole lot of it back because it is a legit brand and it feels soooooooo comfortable, x)

But anyway! I ran out of those lenses for a while now and had been wearing my ugly glasses that makes me fringe go haywire every time(This is why I hate wearing specs so much)

So Klenspop was really nice to have sponsored me this pair of extremely beautiful brown lenses!

Klenspop is a leading Korea-based company that carries many different Circle and Cosmetic lenses!

Kimmy says these looks really natural on me!

These are 13.8mm soft lens, not the kind of barbie lens that helps enlarge your iris. Actual size of 14mm, like your usual Freshlook/Freshkon cosmetic lenses! It can get really uncomfortable and unnatural if you wear ultra huge lenses that doesn't suit your eye. But of course, different iris size gives off different look. If you want to achieve a more barbie look, you should probably go for 16mm and above, but it can get extremely uncomfortable, and most 16mm lenses are really thick even tho they claim to be soft lens. (Tons of counterfeit ones too, really bad for eyes!)

It came with a tweezer and a lens case in their packaging! Which is really sweet because most online store don't supply these?? It's like they expect you to have a lens case every time, lol.

It comes in bottle form, the kind where you will have to peel off the metal piece to get your lenses. Don't worry about the band breaking at the pivot, authentic brands are usually fairly easy to open because their packaging are usually really delicate. So you can save your nails and the trouble of using scissors or any form of tool to get it open when it breaks half way!

And a close up shot.

The lenses may look extremely sheer on you if you have brown eyes. I mean, why would you even wear brown lenses if you have brown eyes in the first place? Hahahaha. Anyway, the design has this gradient where it becomes darker on the outside and the inside, so it blends in well with your iris natural color. Which is the key pointer to having natural looking eyes when you wear contact lenses!

Some lenses don't have this fade off, so it will look really unnatural. Like this kind.....

Where you could tell it is obviously not a natural eyeball. The contact lens has this harsh line at the ending point of their design. It will make you look like you have a glass eye.... Unless you are looking to have this kind of look, haha.

Hehehe, super happy lah. It's been a while since I last wore lenses, and I can finally bid good bye to my spectacles when I go out now. You know how annoying it is when you perspire a lot and then your glasses keeps sliding off your nose bridge?!?!?!?!

I was super amazed by how soft the lenses were when I first opened it. It feels so comfortable in my eyes like it isn't even there! Feels so much like my Freshlook daily lenses, except that this lasts for a year, and it is a cheaper option!

I am an avid fan of cosmetic lenses, so I can get quite particular about the way it looks when you wear it. I am just so glad this pair of lenses looks really natural and feels so comfortable. *Tears of joy*

Klenspop is Korea based. So all the lenses will be shipped out from Korea! They even ship to US and Europe region, just check with them your area code, they will help you with the shipping details!
Payment by Paypal or Eximbay, safe and convenient too.

They have this ongoing even right now where you get free shipping when you spend over $80! The delivery is relatively fast, but choosing EMS over K-Packet is definitely a safer choice. And it arrives 2 times faster!

My package reached me in 1 week after liaising with Klenspop! It was super fast!! They also have other products aside from lenses that you can check out! Like accessories for your contact lenses, snapbacks, glasses and sunglasses!

I should get myself some grey lens next, hehehe. Thank you Klenspop once again!

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