Make your own Ice Kachang

by - Tuesday, June 02, 2015

The weather had gotten soooooooooo freaking hot I finally decided to unpack my 2 boxes of Sherbic I got from Japan after 1 year, LOL.

They used to sell these in Daiso, but I don't know what happened, :( They stop supplying.... So when I went to Japan, I was super stoked to see this and bought a few boxes back. MEHEHE.

Sherbics are like the best thing ever lah. It's sweet, with slight tinge of milky taste and it is soooooo refreshing! You can even add fruits or just freeze it up to make it a normal slush.
So I went to the Cold Storage Westmall, wahlau I made a special trip there ok, to realise they don't have the fruits that I want. And the fruits that I want are not fresh?! The strawberries looks raw and sour, ugh. So I went home empty handed. Okay la, not exactly empty handed, hahaha. I bought Tuna, bread, milk, yadah yadah, tons of nonsense so I don't starve at home again.

So I ended up making normal Sherbics without fruits, :(
Oh well, it still tastes good tho! Kimmy did the mixing up since I was lazy and he has OCD. You know how OCD pleasing it is to mix all those blub of powder together until the whole thing is well mixed without any clumps?!
Fine, fine, I was lazy. Nothing to do with his OCD, xD

This thing is fairly easy to make!
Just buy the Sherbic, open it up, add water, freeze it. And you're done! Simple right?! You can now make your own Icekachang/milkshake/bingsu at home! Don't have to visit those "Top 12 Korean bingsu cafes" anymore, :x

Leave it in the freezer for about 3 hours and it's ready! Woohoooo!
Would suggest you freeze it in a form of popsicle tho.... So hard to take out individually on the plastic ice cube tray!! T_T Like if I just want a few cubes, I cannot just take a few out without spilling 1 or 2, ugh.

But okay la, managed some out anyway hehehehe.

Nhmmm..... Imagine popping these in your mouth when you just get home from an entire day out sunbathing.......... NHMMMMMMM.........

But of course.. If you are too lazy to make Sherbics, there is always other alternatives.......


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