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by - Thursday, June 04, 2015

Had a small dinner date with baby before my hectic week at the PC Show! Also to warm up my new kicks that Kimmy bought for me for our first monthsary hahaha.

Some chinese are superstitious about buying shoes for their girlfriends because there is this old saying that says, if you buy shoes for you girlfriend, they will "run away". Basically cheating lah.
That is damn bloody stupid because ultimately it is not the SHOES that controls your girlfriend, your girlfriend chose to cheat.

BUT ANYWAY. I had some cravings for Injeolmi bingsu, so I told Kimmy I'd head over to his place to look for him and we go Bing Go Jung @ Bukit Timah Plaza! Love the fact that he lives 10 minutes away from me, hehe. So convenient, x)

Korean bingsu mixes their powdered ingredients with their shaved ice. So that at every bite of the shaved ice, you get to taste the flavour you ordered! That's probably the reason why everyone is so hyped about it hahahha. Of course, they all look instagram worthy as well. You know how everyone is snapping photos of their food nowadays......

I prefer O-ma Spoon tho. They use milk shaved ice, instead of normal ice. So it is sweeter when mixed with the Injeolmi! And their rice cake(mochi) are softer and more chewy, hehe.

Check out mah' babyyyyyy, xP

They have really good outdoor lightings at Bing Go Jung. Not because it is outdoor or what sort, but because it is a glass case, the entire store's interior is exposed to the sunlight! So if you want to snap really nice pictures..... Visit in the afternoon?

But before this, we went to somewhere in the middle of nowhere in Bukit Timah Plaza and had some really good Hotdogs. Like DANNNNNNGGGG GGOOOOOODDD HOT DOG BUNS. At some reeeeeaaaalllllyyyy affordable price. It's a freaking steal lah, tbh. No photos because I was so hungry, I just chomp it straight the moment it was served.

There's the aftermath tho.......


Okay, okay. I will share more photos from this cafe next time. They serve alcohol and pasta as well, could be a really nice place to chill if you live around Bukit Timah! That being said, there are actually A HELL LOT of nice place to chill in Bukit Timah. Should probably consolidate a list of my favorite soon, xD

Alrighty, till next time. Xx

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