Finally over!

by - Wednesday, June 10, 2015

I've never been sooooooo lazy before. So lazy that, I reach home everyday and just dump my nonsense on the floor, and leave it there for days.........

Yes... I have a pile of nonsense I got from the PC Show all over my room's floor right now. Especially all the clothes I wore for the past few days and my shoes and idk why do I have so many fliers as well, but ya..... I want to clean up. I want to get rid all the rubbish, but I feel sooooooo freaking lazy, I cannot...... T_T


Moving on from that pile of nonsense, here are some photos I took from the PC Show! Of course, only my face.
If you want to see booth babes, go to this page. I've had enough of being the one hidden behind the screens, like c'mon, I have nice pictures too, I am a booth babe too, :(
/Noticemesenpai #isolatedpotato #vivianisapotato #viviannotchioenough #viviantoofat #butthisisvivian'sblog #onlyvivianface


But, main focus was the bike lah, LOL. That MV Agusta is too chio to resist mannnnn.

Alright, and maybe one of me at work.... Hahahaha!

Have got to admit.... My boyfriend takes the nicest pictures of me, hehehehe. I canz finally haz nice candid photos of myself T_T ~~~

Okay, I will update again soon. Very soon!! Thank you for reading, xoxo

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