Mo-view: Tunnel 터널

by - Thursday, June 11, 2015

It's been a while since I last caught a horror movie. I remember the last one I watched was with Yongwei, also invited by Clover Films, at Suntec........ Some Thai horror movie which I obviously forgot, hahahahaha. It's been so long!

But anyway, I caught Tunnel 터널 just a couple of days ago with Kimmy at Shaw House and it has left my brain baffled ever since. Don't get me wrong, the plot was good, the actors were good. I am just really confused about the ending, when they replayed the entire intro all over again.

This is probably one of the few movies I'd say is entirely different from the trailer. I thought the entire movie would be about how whistling inside a tunnel will draw the spirit or something..... But there isn't even any part of the movie that is related to that? Truth is, there isn't even anything to do with haunting spirits within the tunnel.

Then what is it about?!?!

Actually I was pretty confused myself until somewhere 3/4 into the movie.... Hahahaha. Y'know that, "OHHHHH. So that's what it is!!" reaction?

I have to admit, the person who cut the trailer is pretty dang awesome. The trailer actually scares me! Whereas.... The actual movie itself, is actually pretty mundane. Not to the extent it is boring, because it does keep you on the edge of your seat, keeping you in suspense every time. And that's all it is. Nothing genuinely scary, no screamers, no creepy old lady popping straight into your face and "BOO!".

It is just your very very normal thriller, that makes you question humanity more than spirits. Yes... Humans are more scary than ghosts. At least ghosts plot revenge without hanging out with you like they are your best friends. (Oops, major spoiler alert.)

With a mix of all sorts of unimpressive scaring tactics within the movie, just so they could fit into the genre of horror. Truth is, it has nothing scary at all....... To be honest, I don't know if I like the movie or do I not like the movie. Alright, they have my favorite all-time mean unnie as the main cast, so I guess I like the movie after all, hahaha.

If you are looking for something to pass time when you have totally nothing to do, I guess this is the movie for you. They don't have impressive CGI or camera angles, but well, they do have a pretty decent storyline and you could possibly enjoy 96 minutes of pretty face/flawless skin and the results of undoubtedly kick ass wardrobe stylist.

Tunnel is out in the cinemas already, so you can catch it at your nearest cinema now!

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