23rd Birthday

by - Friday, June 19, 2015

Hello, hello!

I've finally turn 23! I am not too excited today to be honest..... I've finally reached the age where you are too old to whine, yet too young to make major decisions. Best part, I woke up to find out my hamster ran out of it's cage and decided to be G-Force. It is still nowhere to be found, :(

I was all prepared to head out this afternoon before realizing the hamster cage was wide opened.... T_T Sigh, I guess I will never find hamham again.
So I ended up heading out anyway since the house is too huge for me to hunt for one tiny hamster.

Anyway..... Even though I am 23, there are still tons of restrictions in my life. Unlike my other friends who are able to travel overseas with their buddies or have stay overs every time. My mom don't really like me to stay over, so I would always miss out the fun. I mean, I could attend chalets and stuff, but how am I supposed to get home in the middle of the night? Cab fares are constantly increasing, that is not helping.

I have to admit though, I am still extremely childish at times and I still need people to take care of me. I still seek reliance and get extremely hot tempered. Despite all these, I am glad I have good friends that stayed and remember my special day. (Ps; because people rely on Facebook too much.)

I can never explain how thankful I am to have all these support from them, because without them, there wouldn't be me. I would have never been able to secure a 4 figure salary, stay home job had they not helped me through the entire Couch Potato competition phase.

Back to what I was saying!!

So Kimmy brought me out to Westgate for lunch today. He initially wanted to bring me to Tonkichi but I have driving lessons @ 5PM, it was too late to head down to Orchard already. Plus I didn't feel like having Japanese food today, so we settled our lunch at Yoogane!

It was our first time there, we were really confused what it was allllll about, but okay lah, saw the 20% Student Off banner, then I just ordered a Chicken Cheese Galbi without much thoughts, HAHAHAHHHAHA.

There's even sweet potato ddeokbokki!! So much love for sweet potato, hehehehehe.

Apparently, the waiters there will help you cook your food. So every single time baby picks up the spatula wanting to stir fry the food himself, the waiter/waitress will walk over and ask you to hand it over to them so you don't cook it yourself, LOL. Not sure what kind of tradition that is, because it is definitely not like this in Korea. xD I mean, it's so much more fun to cook yourself, isn't it? Oh well.. Saves us the trouble and agony just in case it is uncooked and we get stomachache lol.

Fuuuufuuuu, sizzlingggggggggg.

We also ordered a side dish, Cheesy Egg Roll. This taste absolutely normal except that their tomato sauce seems to be mixed with magic, 8D
Idk why, but it's just super nice?! Thank god it wasn't sweet egg roll. I really really dislike Japanese sweet tamago.

Look how sexy.......

Kimmy said the food was really nice. To be honest, I really liked it as well, especially when I can have all the ddeokbokki to myself because Kimmy don't like it, HAHAHA.
This is a total eat it while it's hot kind of food. Otherwise the cheese will harden, the ddoppoki will harden, the chicken will turn cold and weird..... Especially when that outlet's aircon is freaking cold, @@"

Will probably come back here to try other dishes next time when the wallet isn't so tight. The Cheesy Chicken Galbi cost about S$40 after student discount? x_x Alright lah, the serving was huuuuuuge.

We headed straight to BBDC after that because it was almost 4PM by the time we were done with lunch. Lucky me passed my circuit review today! Best birthday present ever, aside from Kimmy's existence in my life, :P
Was told I can go for my TP in just maybe, 3 more lessons or so?
I CAN'T FREAKING WAIT!! Hopefully there is slots for TP tho, haha.

Baby got his bike license today too! Soon enough we will be able to head out without having to worry about transport already! Can even go on road trips, omg. Yayyyyyy!

Finished up the driving at about 7PM-ish, and got home to these........

So much love from my parents, haha. Mommy returned me with pizzas because I ordered pizzas for her birthday 2 days back, LOL. And so much love from Kimmy too. He accompanied me the entire day, and even waited for me to finish my lesson @ BBDC.
I can never explain how lucky I am to have met him in my life. Someone who loves me so much and treats me like his world. Not sure what I did to deserve such a nice guy like him.

No lavish celebrations, nothing major or special. Just a really really normal, and quiet lunch and dinner with my precious bunch. I like how life is right now, so blissful and happy. x)

Thank you everyone for the birthday wishes!

감사합니다 찐자 💕

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