Stay home Monday

by - Monday, August 19, 2013

Good morninggggg! It's a stay home Monday. I've been working for a whole week straight, and it is finally my off day!! Not saying I didn't have off in between the week lah, but I've been going out for a whole week straight I'm actually feeling kind of home sick being not able to stay at home with my bed, HAHA.

So... Last Saturday, I headed out for a casual photoshoot with Darren(Our photog), Natalie, Jasmine and her friend, Trixia at Vivo. Clint was supposed to join us, but I think he finds it too warm, so he ended up sitting by the side. It was my first time working with Darren, so it was quite awkward when we first started the shoot. But I'm glad it went rather smooth after that. I'll share the photos up after I receive them from Darren hahaha.

Food after that, because it was soooooooo damn warm, all the fats got burned, and I was really really hungry. So me and Clint walked around Vivo to look for a ear piece that I really really wanted, before stopping by Fruit Paradise for a slice of my all time favourite fruit tart.

This is called the Summer Sunset if I didn't recall wrongly. Super nice! It's custard based and not too sweet, xD I love the crust and mango especially hahahaha. Then we headed over to the Japanese Gourment Town to satisfy my crave for okonomiyaki. Hehehehehehehe

Pork Okonomiyaki with Tofu Hamburger set! Nhmmm...
I've been craving for this for like years, but I've never have the chance to eat it because all the Botejyu are so far away from my house, :( Yay to Botejyu opening in Vivo! I think they need to have an outlet in the West haha.

Anyway, I did my nails a few days back. Wanted to do the poem on fingernails kind of nails, but then my skills with the brush was plain crappy... And it turned out like this.

You can even see what's written there lah, sigh. Mad sad. I think I'll attempt the poem-on-fingers nailart again next time.

Lens review tomorrow. Stay tune? ^^

Thank you for reading!

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