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by - Tuesday, August 20, 2013

I've been a fan of cosmetic lenses ever since I first knew about it when I was 14. Cause my mom wears clear daily lenses, and I would actually steal them and try it on since it's compatible to my degree. I really hate wearing spectacles because I perspire really easily, and wearing spectacle would cause outbreak on my nose bridge all the time when I was going through the puberty stage. So after I graduated from secondary school, I started trying out coloured lenses and I was totally in loveeeeee.

Of course there's a price to pay for being obsessed with pretty eyes. My cousin once told me how harmful contact lenses are to our eyes and how damaging it is to our cornea. Despite her wearing only clear lenses her whole life, the ophthalmologist told her that her cornea are of an 80 years old grandma when she's barely even 30 years old. I was really cautious about wearing cosmetic lenses ever since then.

Anyway, these are a couple of my favourite lenses that I've worn throughout this year. Some of you have asked me where I got them, and what brand they are, so I've decided to compile them into a blog post which will be easier for you girls to refer! ^^

One of my few favourite lenses!
LuxuryBabe 61 Grey
Diameter: 18MM (Sounds rather huge, but it looks perfectly normal somehow!)

I got it off Eirian Lenz at $15 per pair before they started sponsoring me! You could check out their store at the link on my side bar!

Also my all time favourite lens! I've renewed this series a lot of times already!
LuxuryBabe 27 Brown also known as Bambi Lens!
Diameter: 16MM

I got this from Eirian Lenz too! ^^

Another Bambi series lens!
LuxuryBabe 27 Green
Diameter: 16MM

This is from Eirian Lenz!

My favourite red lens! Perfect for halloween and cosplaying. This pair of red lens looks super natural!
It's a Super Barbie Candy series lens! But the one I'm wearing here is from LuxuryBabe!
LuxuryBabe 38 Red
Diameter: 16MM

Yet another pair from Eirian Lenz, hahaha! I really like dealing with them because they are really friendly and helpful. They are really good at recommending lenses that suits you!
Next are a couple of local brands that I've been sponsored after winning their online competition.

Ignore the second picture, HAHAHAHA. I deliberately snapped the photo and sent it to Clinton hahahhahaa.

Freshkon Dezigner Pink
Diameter: 13.8MM only

Ultra soft and natural lens. Though really small, it's natural. Not the kind of usual big eye lens you wear to make your eyes pop, hahaha. But this one gives off a natural eye color feel. And the pink isnt too sheer. It's still rather obvious even though my photos were taken under orange lights! And they feel really comfortable!!

I was actually sponsored with a year supply of Dezigner lens after winning their Freshkon Inspirational Facebook contest. So I have like all 4 different colors, and I haven't tried them all out yet, hahaha! I'll probably review the rest again after trying out the other colors!

Freshlook ColorBlends Pure Hazel
Diameter: 13.8MM

Another series of lenses that I won from Freshlook Facebook contest! I was a really kiasu kid ah, I join every single contest I see as long as I can win something LOL.
But that was back in 2011. So I went Taiwan at the start of this year, and bought the dailies colorblend lenses and it felt so comfortable!! It feels as if it's not even there. And it doesnt dry out after a whole day of wearing. I'm quite a fan of Freshlook lenses to be honest. They are more to natural looking eyes as compared to Freshkon. Freshkon makes exotic eye color look natural which I feel is pretty awesome too!

I have my favourite series from both the brands and they all feel really comfortable, so I can't really compare which is better to be honest, XD But my Freshkon lenses tend to tear because my nails are really long. You can get both of these brands from our local opticians in your neighbourhood! I think they are all selling at the same prices.

As for Barbie lenses, I'll recommend LuxuryBabe monthly, the much cheaper option. They have more than 50 designs and the color isn't too sheer. They also have degrees from -0.00 up to -1.000! And the lenses are really comfortable! But unlike our local brands, Luxurybabe isn't as soft, and it will start getting dry if you wear for more than 10 hours or if you are working under the hot sun/air conditioned area depending on your eye type.
And it isn't easy to find a trustworthy site to purchase them, because there are quite a bit of sites selling fake lenses like these.

But so far, I've recommended these Barbie lenses to a lot of my friends, and they all told me it's really comfortable and has no bad remarks about it at all. So I guess you could get them from Eirian Lenz too! Some of my friends are even return customers because their lenses felt really comfortable!

That's more or less about it. I actually have like 20+ lenses lying around my room, and I always misplace them. Probably because those are not to my liking, :X I actually tried a lot of lenses before finding my favourite pair haha.

Alright, that's the end of the post! Thank you so much for reading this long ass review of mine. I hope it's helpful for people who are looking to buy lenses from trustworthy sites!


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