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by - Friday, August 09, 2013


A country that's forever young even though the age is catching up... Hahahhaa

Just a couple of weeks back, I had this discussion with a friend about the colors we wear because we wear talking about cutting up shirts for the school's orientation. And concluded that the purple we had for this year school t-shirt was plain ugly... It would had been better if it's a brighter purple, but...... Okay, never mind...

So I did a minor search about the colors we wear and what it says about you. To be honest, I am rather fascinated by what I read.

We all know first impression is important. But have you ever wondered what kind of message you're giving out with the outfit you're wearing on your first meet-up with someone? Here's what I've concluded.


Black is the color of the hidden, the secretive and the unknown. It creates a mysterious air around you, making someone feel curious about your personality. But black could also mean power and control. So wearing too much black would make you seem unapproachable and intimidating even though the slimming effect is really too tempting to resist. Honestly, which girl wouldn't want to look slim and chic?


Grey is an unemotional color. It's neutral and non-distracting. As quoted from a site I read, "Grey is conservative, boring, drab and depressing on the one hand and elegant and formal on the other, yet never glamorous." Wearing grey implies that you don't need to rely on your outfit to impress or grab attention. The focus would be entirely on you and your personality!
A color which I feel is rather perfect for a first date! You wouldn't want to date a guy that likes you for your looks.


White is color at its most complete and pure, the color of perfection, purity and innocence. Sounds super holy somehow... Wearing white could show that you're neat and easy-going. Making you look like a really happy but not too crazy person. So if you want to leave an impression of an angel, wear full white. Hahahha I'm joking. Full white would be too scary.


"Because it stimulates the heart and subconsciously causes faster breathing, it can appear as aggressive as it does passionate."
I have no idea how true is this statement, but wearing red sure do make you look aggressive. Actually, I'm quite a fan of red. The color is too striking to go unnoticed. So wear with caution! Depending on what kind of image you wanna pull off, hahahaha. If you want to look bubbly, probably just a pair of red shoes or head accessory should do the trick?


Yet another striking color! This is honestly too bright to go unnoticed. Unlike red, yellow means sunshine, hope, cheerful and fun! But simply wearing a yellow top, you would seem happy even though you're looking really grumpy. It's like the color itself hides away all sorts of bad emotion! But, everyone has their limits ah.. Don't look grumpy the whole day. It's effect might wear off after your friends get used to the color. Hehehehe.


Blue is a calming color that could also mean trust and reponsibility. Have you ever hung out with someone that wears blue and realise you don't really get angered at all? Because the presence of the colour blue actually causes the body to release calming chemicals making those around you feel at ease! How cool is that?!
It is highly recommended for those important occasions where the first impression really counts.


Need I say more? Green is the ultimate color of nature and health! Make you look calm and healthy. But green is also associated with money and dollar-bills, which also means wealth. So people who wears green would somehow bring along the wealthy feel. But I have this impression of people who wears green. They all look very fortunate. Like my cousin. He loves green, and he is fat big-boned. HAHAHAHHAA, sorry bro. I love you!

Lastly, PURPLE

The ugly Purple actually has a really interesting description. Not saying all purple are ugly. There's different shades, hahaha. And the one in the photo is nice! XD

"The colour purple occurs very rarely in nature, meaning that there is a danger that you appear artificial and fake. However, this swings both ways as its unusualness also means that it indicates wealth and luxury."
Artificial and fake... What kind of school is this?! But it's okay, at least it indicates wealth and luxury.
But seriously, why can't you just use lilac?! At least we don't look so gloomy with the extremely dark purple!

Anyway, my favorite is red and yellow, and I wear grey a lot. But living in Singapore makes it impossible for me to look good because its soooooooooo warm. My make up melts the moment I step out of my house. What made it worsr is that, I perspire so easily, it makes me look really unglamorous. So I just wear what I feel comfortable in. To be honest, I actually wear my T-shirt, shorts and slippers to town a lot, :x And I am quite a fashion idiot, hahahaha.

So what's your favorite colour?

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