MANIC PANIC hair abuse!

by - Thursday, June 14, 2012

Hi guys! Remember the surprise I was talking about? If you're on my Facebook and had been catching up with my Twitter, then you shouldn't be foreign to my new hair! YEP! I went through a huge make-over for my hair yesterday @ Far East Plaza's Peridot, hehe.

A "before" photo for a start.

I trimmed my dead ends and my bangs before starting on my base color, Silver Beige Brown! Didnt take a photo of that color because I was so hungry, I was busy chomping on the Hot and Spicy Fishballs Zy bought for me, xD

Super nom! But I was having a terrible sore throat so it kinda hurt my throat even more. I know I asked for it, :( But I can't resist smelling it from all the way inside the salon so I asked her to buy it for me haha.
Oh yah, it was bought from the mini food fest @ the ground floor of Far East!

So Ivan just proceeded on with the bleaching! I was so afraid my hair ends would end up fried. And Zy was being a total bitch by scaring and telling me that my hair is damn fried and damaged the whole time. :(
But thank god it wasn't la, haha.

After bleaching!
I know I have a huge pimple on my cheek, ignore that.
Actually I was quite surprise my hair wasn't at all dry after the bleaching. And it was bleached twice because the color wasn't light enough during the first bleach!

And here comes the PINK hehe.

Damn gorgeous right?! It feels like my hair would glow under UV lights haha!
You can see the Silver Beige Brown here!
Oh, and that's Zy over there next to me, mingling with the iPad.
Actually I read up at the official Manic Panic website, you can visit them here, that some of their colors actually DO glow under UV lights!
But I doubt the color I'm using has that effect ah. I'm using Hot Hot Pink Amplified btw!

And then! The finished product! Ombre Pink :D Damn pretty, I'm so glad I didn't take the Cotton Candy Pink, hahaha!
It was said light colors would fade off faster! That's why I took Hot Pink instead!
Anyway, I think Imma have Cotton Candy Pink hair soon enough after a few wash. xD

I have to really thanks Ivan for the color! He's really patient! Despite being half-ill, and with a disturbing headache, he still did such a good job with the coloring!
You can check out his hair-folio on his Facebook! Just add him up!
Don't worry, he's really friendly hahaha!
And thank you so much, Tanya, for this superb awesome birthday present! I hope you're reading! I love you!

You must be thinking, why do I still have the mood to do my hair after losing my phone just less than 3 days ago.
I'm still grieving over it okay! :(
There isn't any news from the investigating officer either.. And I can't track my phone because it's off-ed! Sigh, I hope whoever picked it up would have a change of heart, and return it to the police. Or else my grieving souls would not rest, huuhuu~
What's worse, I don't even have a phone now. What's the use of having an extra SIM card? :(

Anyway, it's Thursday already! Which means I'll get to see boyf again tomorrow! Time passes so fast! He's gonna pass out of NS soooooo soon! Can't wait. Hehe.

Alright guys, I'll blog again soon. :D Gonna go cut up some clothing for now. I'm so bored of wearing the same old boring T-shirts! I'll post up some pictures after I'm done, :P

See ya!

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