Birthday w/ the cliques!

by - Tuesday, June 19, 2012

It's my birthday!
I feel so old now. I've finally hit the big 2 after living on Earth for 19 years and 364 days. It's the 365th today, hahahaha!

I pretty much slept in for the whole day until the clique came and asked me out for dinner. I was actually quite depressed because I lost my phone and all... And most of my friends' contact and most of them don't have my new number.... but Clint cheered me up a lot with all his surprises! And I also have to thank everyone that helped make all these surprises possible, :') All of you are so sweet!

Starting from the very first surprise, at 12MN, I was on the phone with Clint and a second line came in super randomly! To be honest, I wasn't expecting anything la. Since it's a new number, I wouldn't be expecting my phone to ring at all. But then, my phone rang, and it was from Clint's sisters! They called me just to say happy birthday, damn sweet of them right?! Then I was wondering how did they get my number, bby said he gave it to them. And I started tearing like a baby because I was so touched, and couldn't stop crying for the whole hour! Xoxo, tons of love*

Then second one was when I just woke up, I got a call from Clint, and he got his bunkmates to wish me a happy birthday! I swear I wasn't expecting that, i just woke up! And he passed the phone around to have them wish me a happy birthday with me thanking in a very sleepy voice, hahaha. Shortly after, I got a text from Le girlfriend, telling me we'll be having dinner tonight together at Sakae with the clique, *happy die* So I met them up at about 6PM and had dinner at Sakae!

My favorite Salmon Sushi!

And my Chasoba!

And Chawanmushi!
Then we headed over to my house after dinner because Zy bought me a cake!

Awfully delicious choco fudge with macarons!
After cake cutting and stuff, they started creating havoc in my room ah. Crapping about everything and camwhore-ing, hahaha. And while I was texting Clint, another surprise came in!

The phone rang and it showed, "Home". So I screamed to my mom and ask her why is she calling me when I'm already at home. The call didn't end, so I thought it was weird, and I answered the phone. And turned out it wasn't my home, it was Clint's. Cause I was using his phone and I totally forgot. LOL. Mad embarrassing, I swear. So I picked up the phone, and bby's family started singing a birthday song for me. Mad touched la. I didn't even get one when I was cutting the cake, huuhuu.

Bby's family is sweet beyond words. And there I was thinking my birthday is gonna suck because I've lost all of my contacts, I can't ask anybody out, and most of them didn't reply me on Facebook..... What's worse, most of my buddies forgot.....
I'm thankful I have you guys with me.
My boyfriend, my parents, my girlfriend, Kiat, Aaron, bby's family, and everyone who wished me a happy birthday.
Thank you so much! :')

I may had lost my phone and everything, but I have you guys. Love you all to bits, xoxo.

Okay time for a massive spam of my over-exposed photos. Sorry, I got carried away playing with the flash, hehehe.

And with a less exposed one, hehe.

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