Instax Mini 25

by - Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Ohaiyo! I'm awake, I'm awake, I'm awake!!

Happily awake!! Because I woke up to a surprise this morning at my doorstep! Actually it was my mom who received the parcel for me. But I was dreaming when I thought I heard the postman shouting, "Postman!", somehow Idk why, I just jumped off my bed and ran to the living room.

And YES!

My parcel is hereeeeeeeeeee!!!

To be exact....

My Instax Mini 25 Pink Heart is hereeeeeee!!

*Tears open the packaging like a kid*

\o\ /o/ \o\ /o/ ~~~

With a whole big bunch of bubble wraps!

Comes in a super duper cute packaging!


Ohmybaby, *glittery eyes* The pink is damn chio!
They even come with wide angle lens and 2 free batteries! And delivery took only 10 days all the way from Korea, *omg*

And I got it from Qoo10(Gmarket) at a discounted price of S$137!! It's selling at S$168 now! And they even gave me a free bag for the polaroid!

Look at the pinkkkkk! It's so pretty, omg. *Melts*
Why do I sound like some kind of psycho now, wtf.

Time to get some films, hehe. Can't wait for Saturday! I'mma bring this baby out with me and play! I'm a happy girl! Yayyyy, \m/!

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