Flu bug.

by - Thursday, August 08, 2013

Hellooooo! Greetings all of you pikachus.... Hahaha, sorry, I'm in quite a Pokémon hype now because the new Pokemon X & Y is releasing like.... sooonnnn. Reaaaalll soon!

Anyway. I've caught a serious cold recently. It all happened like a combo. One after another like playing street fighter like that.....

Day 1: Diarrhea
Day 2: Fever
Day 3: Sore throat, fever subsided
Day 4: Fever again
Day 5: Horrendous block nose and sinus
Day 6: Cough plus all of the above excluding diarrhea

It all just come visiting one by one, all at once. Bahhhhh. It'll be good if I actually feel drained and sleepy because im sick, but thing is that instead of feeling sleepy and all drained out, I'm actually having a really hard time sleeping due to the congested nose. It was so bad Clint had to go out to get me panadol at 7AM on a Saturday morning.

To add on to my misfortune, my mom just revamped my whole living room adding in this additional shelf out of nowhere right outside my room which caused me to langa into it every single morning when I wake up. I honestly cannot remember it's existence lah! Now I have like bumps on my head because I can't stop running into the shelf every single morning.

On contrary! My life is actually going rather smooth now, everything is back on track. I've got my job(back, again.), I've managed to secure some really good sponsors and photographers, I've met nice people that are really patient and willing to teach me about stuff that I am honestly ignorant about and I'll be going on a short getaway trip with my parents tomorrow morning!! It's been almost 10 years since I last went on a trip with my parents. I swear the past 10 years were crazy. All the moving house, changing of schools, meeting horrendous people and shit... Thank god things are turning for the better now!

Some photos from NESCAFE 'RED 2' movie screening yesterday! Yet again, didn't take much photos because my phone is always on the verge of dying by the time I reach the destination.
*Makes a mental note to get myself a camera or portable charger soon.*

My cuzzie!


Of course, I pack my Clintie along as well, hahahaha. And we had goodie baggggs!!!

The movie was dope okay. Dope. Now I totally understand why HP is wiling to watch it twice. Even I would pay to watch it again hahahahaha! For those who haven't watch RED 2, I'm not gonna give you spoiler, but trust me, it's worth you watching 10 times because it's THAT FUNNY and exciting you wouldn't even realise you've sat through that 2 hours watching an action movie.

Seriously, LIKE FOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!! Waallahhh! 2 hours passed, wtf?! I haven't had enough!?!?!?

I admit I'm a loser that didn't watch 'RED 1' and didn't know what RED was about until I took up the NESCAFE advertorial hahahahaha. But I'm gonna watch it okay!

Leaving Singapore for Cameron Island at 6AM later on. Gonna sleep for now!! It's almost 1AM already, good lord.
Good night Pikachus! Mwahmwahmwah....


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