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by - Sunday, March 20, 2016

Had one of the best time today with a bunch of friends from different cliques. Got to really thank LOST Singapore for giving me this opportunity to try out their escape room!! I swear it was extremely hard to get so many people to come together and hang out. Everyone has their commitments to attend to; work, school, relationships, family........... Yadah yadah. So I was extremely happy to be able to gather everyone together and visit LOST sg for an escape room experience!

Peace Centre
1 Sophia Road, #03-01/02/03
Singapore 228149

Located at the Shopping Mall wing of Peace Centre.
Above Hong Tai Yang Restaurant, access from stairs.


Sun-Thu 11:00am – 10:45pm
(Last game ends at 11:45pm)

Fri & Sat 11:00am – 12:45am
(Last game ends at 1:45am)

Main Line: 67171688
Daily, 11AM – 10:45PM

Wasn't my first time trying out escape rooms though! Had my first experience somewhere 3 years ago.... I cannot really remember where was it....... But that wasn't exactly fun because I went with a bunch of idiots who got us stuck at the second stage for over an hour hugging teddy bears. Legit hugging teddy bears, ugh.

This time's pretty different. Unlike the usual escape rooms, LOST based their escape room themes on real life events, and places, allowing the players to learn more about both history and escape rooms.

We had the honor to try the most popular, engaging and most challenging (in my opinion because it is heavily reliant on calculation, and I suck at calculating LOL) room, Alcatraz. A heavily guarded prison made out of an island off San Francisco. I've heard of this prison even before visiting LOST, and it is no doubt on my list of places to visit. I wanted to try Aokigahara really badly actually, but since most of my friends were first timers, we took Alcatraz instead because it is more engaging!

My suggestion though, if you are terrible with mental calculation, avoid Alcatraz. Even if you're a first timer and Aokigahara is the hardest. Go for something which you feel are more specialized in! What may be tough for others, may not be tough for you. Hahahahaha

We were not allowed to bring in any pens or paper, or even our phones. Everything will be locked in the locker provided, and a security scan will be done before we are allowed to enter the rooms.

A quick video introduction of the chosen room will be shown to you too, before being led in by the pretty staffs at LOST. We were first blinded folded before being brought into our "cells" because I chose to be grouped randomly. It was quite a terrible choice because everyone pretty much didn't know each other...... More challenging this way mah, hor? HAHHAAHA.

After we were properly locked up, that's where the fun starts. Entirely abandoned by the staff, we were supposed to find our way out of the crazy secured cells through a series of hints. I kid you not, the cells were empty asf. At one point we actually thought it was impossible to get out, and that they were trolling us. But siao, no lah! Use some brains and you'll be out in a jiff. Hahahahaha

When I say brains, really, you've got to use some brains. It is not all mathematical though. You would require much more other skills than just having high IQ! So bring along a couple of smarty pants, and make sure you utilize their brain juice well!!

We clearly overrun the given time, :(
Given time was 75 minutes, but we didn't manage to get out within the given timeframe. 8 brains and still not quite enough.

Nonetheless, we had fun! Some of us even wanna go back to try Aokigahara! We strongly believe we could do better in that.
Hope our instincts don't disappoint us, hahahaha. Alcatraz really wasn't easy yknow!!!! I was so disappointed, ugh.

Off Peak
11am – 5:30pm

Weekends, Eve of/and Public Holidays:
Full Day
Weekdays: 5:45pm onwards

More information can be found: here!

Anyway, after finishing up at LOST, we got a complimentary hour at Hideout by Trivage which is just next door. Hideout allows you to gather with your friends for a few rounds of console games, and board games, or simply just to chill, or when you need a quiet space to study.

Busy choosing games.

Fully equipped with egg cartons, you can ensure that the room is soundproof enough to have a crazy time with your friends not having to worry about your noise level.

Got some mario kart for my mates to try!

We got Saboteur as well!

They even have plenty of snacks at the counter for you to buy. You legit Netflix and chill there! (Hey hey what you thinking. Movies only la.)

Going at as low as $5/hr(students only), you get to have a whole empty room to yourself! Where to find such a deal?! With my school around the area, I swear this is a total catch. I no longer have to share the noisy classroom with my classmates, hahahahhaa. Can go to Hideout to do my work already!!

Find out more about Hideout by Trivage over here!

Anyway, thank you a million to the team at Lost Singapore for hosting us! The fun was short lived, but we really enjoyed ourselves! It was a fruitful experience, hahahaha.

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