Why haven't I been attending school.

by - Monday, March 21, 2016

People been asking me is it holidays already? Why haven't I been going to school, why am I so free, why can I still attend events and go on short getaways.

Well, no. I wish it's holidays already though, hahahaha. That would mean I've graduated, but sadly, no.

I am though, finishing school in just 3 weeks.
Why am I so free then? This is hard to put into words. Not that I don't know how, it's that, it may actually piss many people off.

How many people got into trouble for writing about school now? Sigh, whatever happened to freedom of speech online.

Anyway, for those who know, that's great. For those who don't, maybe you could stalk me a little to find out what I study and do for a living. (HAHAHA) I mean, it's actually quite obvious lah. Just wander around the site for a bit....

Just last year, I actually kind of loved school. You see, I actually went through a stage of fun and then loss and fun again. I retained a year after my foundation due to having too much fun, causing a major cut in my attendance. But I had amazing classmates whom I really appreciate and love, so it was fun. I looked forward to school everyday, and would dress up just because I wanna take pretty pictures with them.

Fast forward, 2 years later.

I am finally commencing my final year in school. I was so excited! Because I can finally write my own script, film my own short film and TV Trailers! That was clearly my best time in school. Workload was good, I got to be my own director and was allowed enough freedom to film the things that I want. I also had a lot of fun with my classmates until shit got real. Swear I absolutely dread school now.

Then came sem 2. Final year group was announced, and roles came tumbling. Here's the thing; I didn't get any important roles. Which also explains why I am so free. Good thing because I don't have to travel the mile to have my meetings. Wait... Actually I am not even needed for meetings(?)
This is the thing you see. I am not needed for meeting, all I have to do is sit and wait for the next command to do what I am needed to. Be it from home, on set, or whatsoever. Most of the tasks I'm assigned to, usually doesn't require me to be physically available in school.

Hahahahaha. Guess I'm not useful enough to get important roles. Well, good on my side, I get a lot of free time and I can work from home! What's there to complain, really? Hahahahahahaha.

Cons is that I don't get to film as much anymore. I don't get my ideas produced, I don't have the chance to check out equipments to film the stuff that I want. There's practically no school for me until submissions. Not sure if it's a good thing that I am less busy, but I'd prefer having more work than no work. Having no work makes time pass soooooooo slowly, I feel stagnant. I don't like it.

But that isn't the main reason why I dread school. Not sure which is worst, getting group mates who refuse to do work, or getting group mates who wouldn't bother shouldering responsibilities. Of course, there are even more critical reasons that made me absolutely don't want to go school anymore. Just what the fuck is $500 budget for a short film? I guess that pretty much sums up how terrible a time I have to go through just to make sure I get back the extra money I spend for a shortfilm that isn't mine. Pffts.

Alright, nuff said. Whining will only make me less attractive. Hahahahhaa

At the same time, I've been contemplating if I should get a new camera. It's been 2 months since I first have thoughts about getting a new cam... I just haven't put into action yet. I don't feel confident enough to be holding a pro-cam and walk around just yet. But I really, really, want a proper DSLR to try out different types of photography? :(

Should I...... Hmm.....

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