Soya-bi's mini surgery

by - Thursday, March 17, 2016

Is it bad that I am actually considering plastic surgery? I really hate how I have to spend so much time photoshopping my photos, just so my nose would look smaller, and less flat. Plus my non-existence nose bridge, ugh. Something even contouring couldn't save, /facepalm.

I really, really want to go for fillers. But it's so darn expensive. (Wahlau, want pretty, but not willing to pay. Cheapskate Vivian, flat &big nose, now suck it up)

Okay that's totally off topic, lol.

So I brought Soya to the vet today, and got his wart removed!! Like finally, after 3 months!
Soya's wart first started out as a small little bump bump, which looked totally harmless. Not like his wart was dangerous or something, even at the stage when we got it removed, the vet actually said it's a safe wart.

But yknow, I'm a kiasu person, I don't want Soya to be pulling out the huge ass wart on his own and risk bleeding and infection. So I brought him to the vet, and got it removed today. Actually the wart was turning pinkish and it looks really painful, so remove lah.

Soya became handsome again after removing that hugeass wart that is the size of his ear. His ear wouldn't flop up for a while after removal because he thought the wart was still there, hahahahha.

The wart is almost 1cm big, holysmokes.

And poor Soya is only this size?!

Okay lah, he is well and kicking now. Good thing Soysoy is one strong boy. He looks as if he is barely on aneesthetic. I thought he's gonna be super sleepy or something, turned out he is eating and running around the moment he came out of surgery.

Happily sleeping in my mug while we clean his home. Vet says no bedding or sand baths allow until his wound recovers, just in case any infection. It's okay Soya-bi, we will give you soft soft bedding to dig once you're okay- 83

That aside: We brought home 2 new additions to the family last night.

Legit #yolo.
Caught these 2 yabbies at Bugis+'s new prawning place. $10/hr right now, super worth it. Hahahahaha. We caught a few other prawns also lah. But these were the only 2 yabbies. They look so cute Kimmy and I decided to keep them instead of cooking them.

Kimmy had to go all the way to Clementi just to get anti-chlorine solution, so they could survive the night before we get them a tank. Good thing there was 24/7 aquarium around... The 2 yabbies survived the night! Woohoo!

Quite excited to see how big they'll grow hahaha.
Also, get well soon Soya-bi /lovelove

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