Day 10: Gotemba Premium Outlet

by - Wednesday, September 24, 2014

Day 10, which is also the last available day we have in Japan!! Bae had planned to go back to Gotemba because we didn't have much time there the other time. And there is this bag that he really really want to get. So, despite accommodating at Asakusa, we made plans to travel 2 hours back over to Fuji, Gotemba area!

We woke up extremely early that morning, afraid we might not have enough time for other stuff, we headed out straight for Shinjuku. Ryan did some research after remember seeing a bus that brings us back to Shinjuku back went we were at Gora, Hakone. And lucky enough! We managed to find a bus that brings us directly over to Gotemba Bus Station in 2 and a half hours!!

We arrived at Shinjuku at about 10:00AM wanting to catch the 10:15 bus, but we missed it anyway because we didn't know we had to purchase tickets beforehand at the ticketing counter. So we ended up catching the next bus which is at 11:15. Well it took us quite a while to figure out where exactly Odakyu buses are located. And that took up quite a bit of time actually. The worse part is that, most locals don't take Odakyu buses. So inquiring around doesn't really help at all.

We managed to find the bus stop at Odakyu building itself. Yes, right at the entrance! Which is surprising because you usually see drop-off points for cabbies and other vehicles but not pick-up point for public buses.

So upon reaching the Odakyu building, we ourselves the next earlier bus tickets, and went around the mall to grab us a couple of bread as breakfast. Missed the hotel's breakfast buffet again because we woke up too late, -____-" The usual....
Note that in Japan, transport are drop dead on time!! Especially their buses! They arrive on time, and leaves on time! So be sure to be at the bus stop at least 10 minutes before your scheduled time in case you miss it! Because the bus usually comes 5 minutes before the leaving time to pick up the passengers!

The ride was extremely long, so me and Ryan slept through until we arrive at the Gotemba Station bus stop at about 12PM. After that we took a shuttle bus to Gotemba Premium Outlet from there! Trip from the bus station over to the Premium Outlet took about 15minutes! But the entire waiting time for the shuttle bus itself was almost 30minutes, :( I believe we just missed the bus when we arrived.

Anyway, we have all the time to walk around the Premium Outlet this time because there isn't much time constrain except that we have to catch our last bus back to Shinjuku. So we took our time and walk around the outlet to look for cheap stuff that's worth the buy. And guess what? The clothes are darn cheap!! At approx. $6 ~ $10 per apparel?!?!?!

Even bought mom a Rayban, and baby bought his sling bag from Dunhill. The outlet is so huge, we took about 3 hours around there and it is not even close to the end. Maybe I spent too much time looking at things I don't need... lol!!

It was total shopping spree lah. Spent about SGD$400 in total for almost 12 pieces of clothes, and a rayban(Omg). How can you say it's not worth it?!

We left Gotemba on the last bus and got back to Asakusa after a longggggg 2 hours ride. The ride back was surprisingly faster than we expected!

Ticket price as stated.

Back at Asakusa, me and Ryan decided to go try out the buffet BQQ at DOM's. We were actually quite depressed because the staff initially didn't let us in as we arrived at the restaurant right at their last order moment. But you know, Japanese people are really really nice. I told them it was our last day there and I really want to try their bbq. We've been staying at Asakusa for 6 days and we didn't get to try it at all, it's a pity.... And tadah! They let us in!! Extremely nice people right!!!

Look at all the food!! Not only were they extremely fresh, the way the season their meat is also super delicious!! I'm serious, I totally spammed the scallop and pork belly. I would have eaten more if I hadn't ate too fast and became too bloated.. T_T

The pricing of the buffet is really reasonable and affordable as well!!
At about 2,592JPY/pax? That's approx. SGD$26!!

After dinner, we head over to Don/Seiyu and did our usual late night shopping. Supper, desserts, last minute pick ups of all the stuff we wanted from the past few days. Spent almost a hundred SGD there because the hypermarket is sooooooooooo freakin' huge!!

After that we made a beeline back to the hotel because we haven't even pack our luggage for our flight the next day. I swear we almost had a panic attack when we got back to the hotel. The amount of stuff we've got is insane!! But before all the panic set in, we came back to this really adorable sight... hehehe.

The housekeeping crew actually tuck my piglet into bed..... How cute right!?!?!??!! They probably think there's a kid staying in the room, but they don't know it's actually a grown woman who's afraid she'll miss home so she brought piglet along, LOL. #Shameless

We had a hell of a night packing up our luggages. Ryan and I didn't even sleep much. But I managed to stuff everything we bought into our check in luggages and I think that is pretty impressive. Hahahahaha. Should have taken a photo to show you guys how much we've bought! But aiyah we were panicking too much.

Trip back will be easy since we will be checking in both the lugagges, weeeeee!! (We came with one hand-carried.) Actually I think it doesn't really make a difference because we both a lot of Tokyo Banana.........

Stay tune for Day 11! Promise I'll update real soon, hahaha.


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