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Some of you had already know, some of you that haven't should also know by now through my Facebook and Twitter! Yessssss! I'm in Europe now!

I left Singapore on the 2nd of December, XD

I had like 2 transits and a hell lot of traveling to do on my first day after checking in at SIA Terminal 1. First flight is towards Dubai! But I have a short stop in between to let some passengers get off.

Touched down at Columbo after a long flight of 6 hours. Waited for some passengers to alight before flying towards Dubai. Have never thought how pretty of a place this would be. Looking from above is simply amazing.

(A terribly blurred photo because the plane is too fast, ._.)

This city has one of the few prettiest lightings I've ever seen from above!
One of the few reasons why I love night flights. Lightings from different countries make it feel like I'm watching LIVE constellation on Earth.

Upon reaching Dubai after yet another 6 hours, now that makes 10 hahaha, I waited for about 2 hours before my next flight to Rome.

Bought a cup of Mocha and chill for a bit while waiting, x)

My life is officially complete.
What more can I ask for when I have almost everything I ever wanted?! It was time to check in, and upon boarding, I realized I've been scheduled to board Emirates Airbus A380 due to some unexpected flight changes.

This is no doubt one of the best trip I've ever been on, XD

Paid for wifi on this 6 hours trip.
It's not cheap but it's an once in a lifetime experience!! I don't think I'll ever have a chance to take A380 again cause I'm not the kind that would spend extra just to take a bigger plane.... @_@

But the service was really good. The food is good, the stewards and stewardesses are really friendly, and there's wifi, you can make phone calls, they also have the latest movie on board. Best part, THEY HAVE AWESOME RED WINE. So good I actually got a little tipsy.... XD

Arrived in Rome at about 12:30PM local time! That's like 6:30AM in Singapore?
First stop was to the coloseo(coloseum) instead of the hotel. It was superrrrrr tiring. I was half dead. So dead I didn't take much pictures because I felt too tired to even look around, T_T

But the coloseum was dope! Didn't get to enter because it was getting dark. Still, it was pretty awesome to know its history and how it was built!

By the time we arrived at the hotel, it was already 8PM local time. That's about 2AM in Singapore! I've always wondered how can the world have different timing at different places even though I know exactly why..... It still feels funny to know I'm actually living 6hours slower than everyone right now!

And once I'm back in Singapore, I would had lost 6 hours of my life in mid-air! How cool is that?!!


Left Rome this morning! Making our way down to Pisa now to visit the leaning tower. The hotel at Rome was horrendous. The toilet has no light at all!! Okay, maybe not at all. But it keeps flashing on and off and it goes off completely. *faint*

10°C today! And it will get colder as I reach Switzerland. I honestly can't wait to visit Venice and Swiz!

The bus stopped by a market along the road for a short break! I was initially really sleepy but then some goodies made my eyes bling!

Box of 12 Kinder Surprise at only €9.99! And a party box of Haribo at €5.60?!

Didn't buy because I still have about 11 days here in Europe. The eggs would probably be rotten by the time I get back home, T_T

Bought the Haribo party pack though!! XD
The bus stopped again for yet another break. It was 4 hours before we officially reach Pisa! Tour guide brought us to this local grocery store that sells a lot a lot of Italian grocery.

I swear, it's heaven. It's like gourmet heaven, they have like the best truffles ever. And all those pasta sauces and olive oil. I wish I live here!

A whole pure Truffles! This cost €33, #omg.

Arrived at Pisa! We took a train over to the entrance of the leaning tower! Thank god it isn't crowded. t's a really pretty place! Everyone's chilling around, and having picnic in this warm chilly weather.

Still 10°C over here. The sun ray kind of made the weather here really comfortable. I would really lay down here the whole day if I could, X'D

We headed towards Florence after leaving Pisa. Getting closer and closer to the city of Fashion and Arts. I can't wait to step into Milano and Paris and have a feel of the lifestyle there!

Florence itself is a really beautiful place filled with spectacular artworks I can't even...... They're all soooo good I'm totally star struck. It feels as if I'm in an idol museum or something. Except that my idols are all these beautiful sculptures sculpted by Michael Angelo and Davinci. *blings*

After touring Florence old town, we headed over to a nearby restaurant and had some really authentic Italian food XD

TuttoBono! The food wasn't too bad. But it's not really that amazing either. Then again, THE STEAK IS AWESOME! And the bolognese..... *Nhmmmmm*

I just didn't really fancy the pizza and dessert. The crust is really thin, and I couldn't really taste the pizza at all. :(
And the Tiramisu was too watery. Probably frozen food, :/

After dinner, we checked in at one of my favorite hotel in Europe! Novotel! I had a short stay with Novotel back when I visited Eastern Europe! Forgot which country was it.. I think it was Berlin. And their service is awesome! And what made it better is that, they provide free wifi in your rooms!

Unlike other hotels, you'll have to pay. And it is extremely expensive! The previous one I stayed in Rome requires me to pay €7 for 24hours when I'm only staying for like 8hours there?!
Which is why I only managed to update today, *inserts annoyed face*

ust done showering and stuff!! Have got to end here for today. I've got to get up at 6AM tomorrow, T_T

Ps: I know I look a little tipsy hahaha. Had a little too much red wine just now at TuttoBono. XD

I'll update again when I can. Or you could follow me up on my! @Veeviisme! It's easier for me to update there for now, hahaha.

Okay! Good night lovely one!

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