Longines Singapore Gold Cup

by - Sunday, November 24, 2013

I am really really really honoured and happy to be invited as one of the guests to Longines Singapore Gold Cup 2013 at Singapore Turf Club last Sunday despite being totally clueless about what horse racing is all about. And I am still clueless. The guys were so much more hyped up than I am, maybe because they actually knew what was going on there throughout hahaha.

All I knew was, the race was really exciting, and it was nerve wrecking. You could totally feel the adrenaline rushing through your body when the rest is about to start!

We were directed to the function hall on a short shuttle bus trip upon reaching Turf Club. I have no idea the Turf Club was THIS huge!! I always thought it was just a small area with a viewing area, a track, and then some horse ranch or something, but omg. It would kill your legs having to walk around the area in heels, I'm dead serious.

It was the 84th edition of Singapore Gold Cup, proudly sponsored by Longines, one of the most illustrious events since 1924. The Singapore Gold Cup Day is also designated as the Club's Annual Charity Race Day, presenting donation cheques to 23 selected charitable organisations!

Being a Ferrari fan(Totally no link), I was soooo excited to watch horse racing close-up. I don't deny I was expecting a red horse coming out of nowhere at some point... HAHAHAHAHAHAH.
A photo with the ladies!

Euni unnie, Karen and Jessie, the one who toured us around Turf Club and making this trip really enjoyable for us!

The guys, Clint, Darren, HP and John!

We were also greeted by this awesome view of the tracks right outside of the function hall!

The grandstand!!

A pity it was raining that day. :(
Could have had a fiery race with all the good sun but the sky wasn't too friendly to us.

Turf Club had also prepared a range of international buffet lunch for us, which I fail to take a picture of.
God, the beef is so good. Note that I've used present tense because I believe the chef is awesome like that, hehe.

They really need to let me meet the chef next time whenever I eat something nice at events.

I have totally no idea what the both of them are doing....

With Brother Yeo hahahaha

The really gorgeous Euni unnie!! She's korean, and I was totally hyped upon meeting her because she is soooooo good with her languages! She can actually speak fluent Chinese and English too!
She has recently just moved to Singapore, and she is going to teach Korean here!
Visit her blog here.

Did I forget to mention she actually looks a lil bit like 2NE1's Park Bom? Partly why I couldn't take my eyes off her, XD

With Darren Sim!
It took us like 5 ~ 6 attempts to get a decent photo together because I was really short and small, and I look super awkward standing next to him, hahahaha.
Then HP discovered this photo angle that surprisingly made me look taller and not too tiny next to Darren, XD

And then the lucky man with four wives LOL.

After dining and photos, Jessie told us the next race will commence right in front of us. I thought it'll be like somewhere near the grandstand which is actually about 100m away, BUT THEN IT WAS REALLY RIGHT IN FRONT OF US, OMG.

Look at those charming creatures!! Getting all prepared for the race!


They were so fast like a gust of wind, leaving my jaws dropped because I couldn't even register what and when it happened! It's like they're 1km away in just a blink of an eye. And you know what?! The track is 2000m long, and the horses only took say..... 1 minute on average?! Wtf. I take 1 hour for my 2.4km I don't even know how did I do it.
I remember how badly I was struggling with my 2.4km back during school days...... *facepalm*

After that race, Jessie brought us to the ring parade area where the horses will walk around the ring to sort of get their engines "started". Passing by a series of really classy place around Turf Club before reaching the ring!

More of their function rooms where companies would host functions on race days. These rooms can hold up to 30 ~ 40 people each!

Passing by the prize giving area, where our former President, Mr S.R. Nathan presents the donation cheques on behalf of the Club to the charitable organizations!

The grand entrance for the horses!

My favourite horse! The only one that is in this colour! And it looked so demure and gentle somehow....

The luxurious white mane that leads the race horses out onto the track!
It is really really beautiful!

And then the race horses with their jockeys!

Moving out to the track for the last race of the day!

The grandstand and the jockeys returning to weigh themselves! My god. They're my weight with all that saddles and helmets, like seriously!?!?!?! And they are all really small! I felt like a giant next to them, for once in my life I actually feel tall....

After the race had ended Jessie brought us up to the Owner's Lounge! The members of public can have admission to the Owners' Lounge for a fee of $30!

It's a really nice air conditioned place where you can get a full view of the entire race track from the top!

The view is simply spectacular. I would had watched the race from here if I knew what horse racing is all about hahaha. XD
Nonetheless, I enjoyed myself and learned quite a bit of new stuff there that day! Not forgetting meeting so many new people and bloggers! Especially Karen and Jessie, they thought me a lot about horse betting!

It was overall a really awesome experience, being able to watch all these star horses close up and seeing them in action. Thank you Singapore Turf Club so much for having me and my friends! I really enjoyed myself, and I'm sure my friends did too!

Thank you for reading, xx

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