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by - Sunday, January 12, 2020

Made a day trip to JB yesterday with le husband and Theo &gf. I honestly semi-regret when we got to the customs because it was soooooooo freaking early and I am not a morning person. (And then I regret not waking up even earlier cause we ended up stuck in a 2 hours jam, LOL) But it was all worth it because I had nice photo opts and I finally got to visit the cafe I've been bugging Kimmy about since October!!!

Located around Taman Seri Austin area, is this small town called Spring Labs. Filled with themed cafes and nice photo spots. An extremely quiet location filled with mini surprises. Maybe I was there too early, but there really wasn't much people and parking was fuss-free. The cafe that I've been wanting to visit is called Good Morning, 早.尚好! How freaking cute. Good Morning serves you nice, toasty and savoury sandwiches with runny sunny side ups, and many many more.

Me being the burden obviously requested for a fully cooked egg on my chicken patty with peanut butter, hais. It was nice until I bit into my perfectly well done egg yolk and shed a teeny bit of tear.

Spot the sad egg.

I should have ordered the ham & cheese?!?!?!

The chicken one was a tat bit blend. Ham & Cheese tasted much much nicer, but I can't have ham anyway so-

We also ordered their new year special; Bakkwa Pork Floss Wrap. The fillings were great, but not so much on the wrap. It's a bit too flour-y, would have went well if they used crepes or prata hahaha. They also have pork cutlet sandwich, and some pumpkin sandwich thingy which actually sounds pretty enticing. They do serve other food as well, such as braised pork rice, curry chicken, yadah-yadah. The sandwiches were overall okay, and worth the visit but not something I will queue 2 hours at customs for. I'll probably try other food the next time I visit because I really love the vibe around this place, mehehe.

After that we just drove around Eco Floral and have a look around the area. Turns out they have a lot of nice cafes here, it wasn't just Spring Labs!

We were on a road trip, would have bought this bbt otherwise. Lul.

And again, nice fancy drinks. Would have bought something if looking for a toilet wasn't a problem.

Drove down to Desaru before heading back to Mt Austin for lunch at JWC! JWC is yet another really popular boutique restaurant among Singaporeans. I've seen plenty of my friends visiting, but me being the lazy bum I am, I rarely go to JB just to do cafe hop. :x

Extremely nice industrial interior and cosy af. Smell of coffee aroma hits you almost instantly the moment you step into this 2 storeys container cafe. They are famous for their house brews, so don't forget to try out their coffee when you are there. I'm an idiot, I ordered cold brew. Don't ask me why. (Prolly too tired by then, and all I wanted was a nice cuppa iced coffee)

This looks like cough syrup, lmao. Served with a really cute frozen shot glass.

I honestly don't recall much about this place except that the basil pasta is extremely good, and it's really cosy. Quite a great place to chill after a long ass road trip. Really didn't feel like leaving the cafe but no where else is better than home, hahahaha. So we finally dragged our asses back to Singapore at around 4PM. (We headed out at 6:45AM. Seriously have no idea how Kimmy can tahan driving for 10 hours.)

The trip was nonetheless fulfilling. Better than being stuck in the tiny red dot doing the same old stuff every weekend. Can't wait for more trip in the coming months, hehe. Great start to 2020!

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