First book out!

by - Tuesday, July 26, 2016

It's finally Kimmy's first book out! To think I was shaving his head at HeadlinesIP just 2 weeks ago... /criestearsofjoy

Time is passing so fast, and my love is growing up super quickly as well. To be very honest, I never thought he would change so much in such a short period of time. Well, it's all the good change, but it's really weird because my super cheeky boyfriend is suddenly double reliable than before. I initially thought he would miss his friends more than he misses me, turned out it was the opposite. He got annoyed at me when I was talking about other girls instead of myself during his admin time of 15 minutes, hahahhahahaa

Would love to say I am eternally grateful to his mates and sergeants in army for grooming him into such an amazing man.

Anyway! Had an amazing time with love around town last Saturday. Double amazing because I finally get to see him after 2 weeks, the date was filled with all the thoughts and concern I had for him over that annoying 2 weeks confinement. Wahlau like he just gave birth like that, need confinement one, wts? Okay la, it's actually an adapting week, to help these new enlistees to get used to the life inside camp. And I swear, it's epic efficient. Now I am super curious how they managed to do it.

Me being the usual glutton, planned a beef steak date wayyyyyyy before Saturday even arrived. So we headed to Outback @ Orchard Central and enjoyed some amazing Beef Steak, and Baby Back Ribs. Jezuz Kraiz, it's so good, I'm drooling as I type.

Outback were really friendly and enthutiastic too! Unlike some shitty pop-up cafe at Bugis Junction, where the staff actually tried to convince us that pancakes are meant to be served cold just because they can. /rolleyes

We got this complimentary bread, I don't know how, but we just got it hahahaha. &THIS IS LEGENDARY. The bread was so crusty on the outside and soft like cotton on the inside. It was served with this amazingly fragrant butter like I didn't even know butter can smell so good?! I thought butter were all oily and eewwww unless it's charred, or cooked.


And there's this drink called the Mint Lemonade. It tastes like Lime Mojito taking away all the alcohol. The mint made the entire drink soooooooo refreshing, I even told Kimmy I'm gonna find a Mint-Lemon soap/shower foam so I can smell it all day. LOL.

We also ordered this extremely huge plate of appetiser, the Chili Cheese Fries.

The fries was so gooood we even tabao it home?! But we also couldn't finish it lah, cause too much carbs plus our main course also quite huge hahahhahaa.

Tadah! Here comes our main course.

Ordered this super sweet Caramel dessert. Truth be told, it's superb, but too sweet for my palate. I got so sick of it after 3 mouths because of all the whip cream, caramel, vanilla ice cream. Did I mention I absolutely detest Vanilla Ice Cream? Oh well, I don't know how, but I survived this one. I guess it's just that good.

Bill came to a whoopping $90+ hahahaha. Was pretty surprised, but it's all worth it!
And then we went around the west area to run errands for Kimmy's army necessities. There were so much to prepare because it was his first book-out. I didn't think he would need so many stuff for camp but I guess it is always better to be prepared than having not enough. Hahaha.

We had dinner at Kushinbo Jurong Point after that. Hmm... Not sure if I am okay or maybe slightly disappointed with the selection of food that night. The huge ass Alaskan Kani was okay, but other than that, everything else felt really.... meh. Ah well, all that matters is that I get to spend some quality time with Kimmy. It's been 2 weeks since I last got a chance to cuddle him to sleep hahaha.

Sometimes all I need is you right next to me, doing your own things, creating a presence so that I know you are always around. I don't really need to have an expensive meal, or go to fancy places. I am satisfied with just being able to look at you no matter how much time you have to spend every weekends.

These are all really simple stuff, but it makes me so happy. Ahhh.... I love my life so much right now.

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