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by - Friday, April 01, 2016

I've been rotting at home a lot these days, watching a ton of Song Joong Ki's drama and movies, catching up with 'Descendants of the Sun', and 'Running Man'... Not like I'm a fan, I'm watching Running Man entirely because there's Song Joong Ki in it, LOL.

Yes, yes, I'm hopping onto JK cruise as well. I mean, he's so charming?! How is it possible for a guy to have such a perfect smile?

I remember there was this period of time where I was super crazy over Lee Hong Ki too. And then Hong Ki suddenly turned all fat and obnoxious on We Got Married.... I got so turned off, I stopped chasing after him ever since.
Sigh, Hongki.. What's gotten into you?

Anyway. The long awaited episode 12 of Descendants of the Sun is out, and I am trying my best not to click the link to watch it. Otherwise I will have to wait a miserable 1 week to find out what's gonna happen in the next episode. Idk how that works, but you know if the episode is there, you can at least take a quick glimpse while waiting for the next?! So I am saving the entire 1 hour show for the next 1 week by watching 10 minutes a day... Hahahhaha

You know it's been a while since there's such a good story line in dramas/TV shows these days. Good joab, Kim Eun Sook. She is now my favourite screenwriter of all times. All her stories are a hit as long as it gets produced, I kid you not. Just look at 'Secret Garden', and 'The Heirs'?!

Some say her storyline utilizes was too much cliche plots and shallow characters, but come on, that's what the audiences like to see, no? We love to embrace the fairytale and put ourselves in the characters' shoes, and imagine we are them.... I'd do that everyday just to be Cha Eun-Sang ok.


Let's take a moment to embrace the beauty this girl has grown to become.

And Park Shin Hye has one of the best instagram updates ever following Krystal Jung. No fret, Krystal, you are still my bias 8D

But yeah... You can pretty much tell how I spend my time at home with this blog post. I've been doing nothing except for watching dramas, and movies everyday. Somewhat like a pre-holiday kind of thing, to get me prepared for the holidays. Wtf am I saying

NO. I've been busy preparing production folders for submission because production folders is one of the key thing that pulls down grades if it is not prepared properly. Meanwhile as I am waiting for my groupmates to reply to my emails and requests, I am submersing myself in the ever awesome wonderland of Urk, which is actually Greece goodlordtheleveloftourismadvertindots

Right now here I am, blogging because I am super bored. I've ran out of Song Joong Ki to watch in just a span of 1 week. I finished up 'The Innocent Man' and 'Penny Pinchers', 'The Werewolf Boy', now I don't even know if I should continue with those dramas where he starred a small role in. 'SungKyunKwan Scandal' is just bad. I can't stand the lead girl's acting, ugh.

Ok, enough blabbering about things you guys probably don't understand. JUST SHOWER YOURSELF WITH SONGJOONGKI HERE

You probably won't understand this either, BUT IT'S OK. IT'S JOONGKI HAHAHHAHAHAHA

I'm just kidding guys. He said some really important qualities of being an actor, and I think it is EXTREMELY IMPORTANT since I've met tons of shitty actor/scriptwriters these days. Will upload the translated one once I it's out.

Till next tyme!

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