by - Saturday, February 27, 2016

It's always nice to have a casual date out once in a while randomly like today. I guess the only good thing about being in LASALLE is that, final year is pretty much OTOT. I get to declare my own holidays because we can work from home. So as long as you finish up your projects on time, and submit all the required stuff, you are pretty much safe. Attendance doesn't really matter anymore, because classes are scraped after week 7, so that we could focus more on filming and post-production. I mean, it would be pretty stupid if we actually have classes from 9AM–5PM just for us to do post-production lah. Not everyone will be editing videos this semester anyway.

So Kimmy picked me up from school after my meeting, and we headed over to Suntec for lunch before popping by Acronis to collect our uber adorable hand-made mugs from the event almost a month ago.

Nong nong huan tyme, Manhattan Fishie!

They actually have student meals now. When was the last time I visited Manhattan Fish Market?!

I will be eternally grateful to restaurants who caters lunch set meals, or student meals. It is so much more affordable for poor students like me who wants to eat atas once in a while... LOL.

Bloody cheapskate. Eat atas still want discount, 8D Hahahahahahha


The chicken wings. Hmm..

I guess it's a Fish Market for a reason. 8)


After our quick lunch, we pop by Acronis and collected our hand-made mugs. Masha was took busy to host us, so we left shortly after. Will probably drop by again before she leaves Singapore!! Counting down 2 months to submission.

I can't wait for holidays!

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