COMEX 2014

by - Wednesday, September 03, 2014

3 days of COMEX was filled with fun, tears and pain. I had so much fun with my 2 selfie girls, Michelle and Chloe, not forgetting Gary and Melissa as well tending the selfie booth. And meeting so many different people who came to take photo with us for their badges! Thank you so much for visiting CASIO selfie booth and showing us your support!!

My feet are almost dead, but I'm glad I wore heels because Michelle is extremely tall, and I look like a midget next to her, LOL. But she is a really sweet girl, and she is now one of my favourite tallies around! 8D And Chloe too, a really straight forward and funny girl hahahahaha. The booth would have been boring without her because it's hard to find someone with Chloe's sense of humour, XD

Alright let's skip the WOT and go on with the photos! Didn't take much because we were switching between a lot of SD cards. And transferring out the photos is too troublesome, :(

Love this shot!

All the girls!

And a little potato. X'D

Don't think I will be working for anymore events until further notice. School work is really too much, and I honestly cannot afford to fail again. But I have a short holiday in December, I hope I'll be able to get a job then! Otherwise I need pluck grass and stir fry riaos.

2 more weeks to submission. I can't wait for my 1 week break, T_T .....

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  1. Dun anyhow pluck grass outside ur hse! Later NEA come and issue summon! =X



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